Do Not Sweat The Small Stuff In Life

I am part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network and was compensated for writing this post but all opinions are 100% my own. Do you have those days that it seems everything is just not going your way? It starts when you are getting the kids ready for school and you spill milk down your pants. So you go and change into a skirt only to find your last pair of pantyhose has a huge run in them! By the time you get the kids to school, they are late, so there is another tardy on their record. On the way to work, you run into the worst traffic jam ever and you end of being late for work! Sound familiar? Although your not so great day may not have gone down exactly like this, it was probably pretty close. The important thing is how we #BounceBack from days like those. The folks over at Bounce are currently encouraging you to find ways you can #BounceBack and learn how not to sweat the small stuff in life.


Bounce has been one of America’s favorite dryer sheets since the 1970’s. While there was just the one fresh and familiar scent that started it all, now you can find the Bounce Dryer Sheets in 7 wonderful scents. One of the things that consumers have grown to love and trust about the Bounce Sheets is that they are twice as effective as other brands. No only do you get excellent softening and freshening for your clothing, but you get effective static control. The sheets also repel lint and hair, which is perfect for pet owners or people who seem to attract lint and hair a lot!  You can find Bounce dryer sheets at major retailers in the 150 count box for a suggested retail price of $4.89-5.99. You can also get a little hand in in trying to #BounceBack from life’s embarrassing moments with the other products in the Bounce line. You can also enjoy the same quality from the Bounce Lint and Freshness Rollers as well as the Bounce Ironing Spray.

So we all agree we have had those not so perfect moments in our lives when we were a little more than embarrassed in life? I have had the proverbial dress tucked into my pantyhose when leaving the restroom and walked straight into a business meeting. I have also mistaken a stranger for a friend and did not realize it until I popper her in the head and a very angry and unfamiliar face turned to look at me. Recently, my child had a not so pleasant moment at school that she desperately wanted to find a way to #BounceBack and learn not to sweat the small stuff . Gym is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and her gym bag was left in her locker all weekend. Sadly, she had to wear the clothing that was in the smelly gym bag all weekend and her friends completely busted her on it. My solution was to take a Bounce dryer sheet and tuck it into an open envelope and put it in her gym bag. This way if she ever left her gym bag in her locker again, she will be left smelling fresh and no one will ever now! There are probably many times when you wish you had a Bounce Dryer Sheet so you could #BounceBack from it. You can place a Bounce Dryer Sheet under your car seats, tuck a few Bounce sheets in your drawers and closets to help keep them smelling fresh or even roll up a Bounce sheet and place it in the middle of the toilet paper roll to help keep things smelling fresh around the toilet. You can even make a cute DIY Bounce Bouquet like in my Vine video below.

Just remember to keep Bounce out of the reach of children and pets. Hang the sheet freely or place in an open envelope to avoid direct contact with fabrics. Have you had a time in your life you wish you had a Bounce Dryer Sheet that would have helped you #BounceBack? I would love to hear about it in my comment section of the blog.  Be sure to follow Bounce on Facebook and Twitter

Two USA readers will win a #BounceBack box valued at $47


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  2. I put them under the car seats! Now I want to put some in the toilet paper roll like you suggest! Good idea! Thanks!

  3. I use them to freshen up our winter coats between washing or dry cleaning. Just pop one in the dryer with your coat on low setting. Tumble for a few minutes.

  4. I use them in my car under the seats. After the kids getting in and out during the winter the carpets stay wet and the dryer sheets keep my car smelling fresh.

  5. sometimes my hair gets static from taking off a tobogan so i run a dryer sheet through it and it gets rid of the static cling and leaves a nice scent.

  6. I place Bounce dryer sheets under register vents so the furnace blows out fresh-smelling air when our house seems stuffy.

  7. On those late to work Winter mornings, use a Bounce dryer sheet to rub off the static in your hair and on your clothes and it will leave you smelling fresh too!

  8. I have had many situations that I would have loved to bounce back from. Especially how my flat get so stinky at work. Toss a bounce dryer sheet in the flat overnight and they are as good and fresh as new!

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