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These Handcrafted Baby Dolls Are Precious

I as born in 1962 to a hippy mom and an ex-military dad. What a wacky household that made! Because my mom was a hippy and a feminist, my sister and I were not allowed to play with dolls unless we also played with trucks and cars. Mom believed that all were created equal and there should be no lines drawn in the sand for the boys and one for the girls. What we thought was funny is that mom never asked my brothers to play with dolls as well as their trucks and cars. We were quick to pick up on that one and we used to tease me bothers with our dolls all the time! When Chelsea was growing up, she was not very interested in dolls. She would take the Barbie dolls my mom would buy her and cut their hair into a Mohawk, piece their ears and call them “Scarbie” dolls! Caitlin has always loved dolls and even at 15, she still collects and sleeps with them. Her favorite lately are the handcrafted baby dolls that look more realistic, like the gorgeous baby dolls from Adora Dolls.

Handcrafted Baby Dolls

The inspiration for the Adora Doll is the pure joy that your heart feels when you are at your happiest. They wanted their dolls to project that same feeling to all who saw and held and played with them. They want their dolls to inspire children to feel love, affections, laughter, enthusiasm and every other happy word you can think of. The beautifully original and unique dolls from Adora are created in a California playroom (where else would the perfect doll be created, right?!). Because each doll is made from hand, there are no two alike and each has their very own personality. Each doll is made with love, care, and to last a lifetime of memories that can be passed from generation to generation.

We were sent the Fou Fou Fab Toddler doll, which sells for $99.99 on the Adora Dolls website. She is just absolutely one of the most precious handcrafted baby dolls I have ever seen. The craftsmanship of this doll is absolutely exquisite and the attention to detail is amazing. From her big and bright blue eyes, to her perfect eyelashes to her realistic skin tone, she is wonderful. The soft and flouncy ruffles in the pretty pastel floral and matching blue bolero are perfect for this baby. Her pretty red hair and her bouncy little pig tails are just the right touch. This is definitely a doll you can see being passed from Caitlin to her children and then on to her grandchildren. Caitlin has it on her desk, which faces her bed, so she can see it every time she sits in her room. You can find soft dolls for the toddler in the family up to 18″ dolls for the older child. There is a huge selection of dolls and accessories that are sure to please every doll lover in the bunch. Be sure to stay up to date with the latest from Adora Dolls by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

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