Unique Party Snacks That Are Fun To Eat

I can be pretty creative when it comes to certain things and not so creative when it comes to others. I was in plays in high school, can sing pretty well and I can sew a slipcover and drapes for your living room. I can also strip, refurnish and refinish any piece of furniture you throw at me. When it comes to planning birthday parties, I am not as creative in that area. As the kids have gotten older, I have found it tougher to throw a party the kids really love. As hard as it is to figure out the theme, the food is just as tricky. I know what my kids like to eat, but that does not mean the other kids at the party will like the same thing. If there is one thing I know kids do like, it is rice cereal treats. When we were having a few of Caitlin’s friends come to a sleepover, I wanted some fun food they would love. With the unique party snacks from Sprinkle It On, they make the perfect food kids will flip over.

Unique Party Snacks That Are Fun To Eat

Joanna Cronin and Betsy Silverman started Sprinkle It On when they were inspired by two iconic favorites; sweet and crunchy ice-cream cones and rice crisp cereal treats. Cronin grew up in a home filled with the delicious smells of her mother’s cooking. Her passion was passed on to her daughter who then founded this awesome sauce company. Betsy Silverman has a very strong background that focused on party planning and entertaining. It was a no brainer that she would make the perfect partner for Cronin. Sprinkle It On treats are a mixture of sweet marshmallows and rice cereal that is then put in a ice-cream cone. With their various toppings and arrangements, they are perfect for any occasion including baby showers, birthday parties, a family get together or corporate events.

I was sent a very colorful array of the Sprinkle It On treats, which came wrapped like a festive birthday present! The treats were covered in bright sprinkles in solid colors as well as multi-colored sprinkles. You can buy your Sprinkle It On treat by the single cone for $4.50 or by their signature cake display which can be ordered to match just about any occasion or event. Because they are lightweight, portable and never melt, they are the prefect snack for taking to a sleep over, for a birthday party, to the park or in my house…not out of the kitchen. Seriously, the treats did not make it out of the kitchen before they were devoured! They are crispy, sweet, and so delicious! This is one must have treat you will surprise your friends, family, and co-workers with. And trust me, they will LOVE you for it! You can order your Sprinkle It On treats online or from select retail stores across the country. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay current with all their latest deals and products.

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