Things To Learn From Pets

Have you ever had one of those days where you went at it a hundred miles an hour? You crammed in about as much activity into one day as humanly possible and come home exhausted. From school drop-offs to doctor appointments to phone conferences, your day is packed. So you come home, open the door and your dog runs at you and starts wagging it’s tail and licking your face. That can just melt the stress of your whole day, right? Did you know we can actually learn a lot from our pets? Here are just a few:

Four Things Our Pets Can Teach Us

Four Things Our Pets Can Teach Us

  1. You Are Enough: So often, we try and impress others by being someone we are not. Out pets love us as we are. We should put that into practice more often.
  2. Be Yourself: Many people try to fit in when being ourselves is way cooler! Take heed from cats who are known to be curious, independent and bet of all, a bit quirky. Not everyone likes a cat, but that is ok!
  3. Be Open: Have you ever seen how most animals at when a new addition to the family comes on the scene? After a few cautious sniffs and maybe a growl, pets can get along with each other quite well. We can learn from this philosophy!
  4. Be A Good Friend: Most pets a super loyal, make great companions and love us unconditionally. For those people in our life who we love, we should be more like our pets.

Puss in Boots

This month, Netflix is celebrating our pets and featuring many family friendly and adult shows that have furry co-stars. For the younger crowd, they will be super excited to see their favorite swashbuckling kitty. The Adventures of Puss in Boots, comes to Netflix on Jan. 16. If you want a great buddy flick the whole family will enjoy, Snow Buddies is perfect. With this winter weather we are having, it will be fun to see what snow fun this four legged cast can get mixed up in.

Snow Buddies (1)

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What things to learn from pets can you mirror in your own life?