Reasons To Get A Case For Your Tablet3
When I got my tablet I didn’t really think much about getting a case. Then my husband wanted to play with it. And my son. And so on. I quickly realized that I needed to protect this expensive piece of hardware. Considering tablets can cost as much as computers, it’s only a matter of time that something happens and we are going to be shelling out the money to either get it fixed or buy it new.

Reasons To Get A Case For Your Tablet4

3 Reasons You Need A Tablet Case

  1. Wow Factor Go to any electronic store and look through the tablet section. They all look the same! Android, Windows or Apple. Your next tablet will look like everyone else’s. It’s pretty much inevitable, unless you get a cool case for it! There are so many great options for cases these days. From funky prints and designs to solids, there is a case for everybody. Cases make it easy for your tablet stand out!
  2. Built in Insurance As I’ve already mentioned, these tablets can cost some serious coin. The average tablet selling price is just under $400! Who has an extra $400 to shell out in the event that something happens to your precious mobile planner/video player/game player/mini computer/tablet? While a tablet can break with a case, the changes are much more slim if it is protected. Be sure the case is of solid construction with a “spine” similar to a hard cover book. This helps to reduce the chances of your screen being crushed.
  3. Resale Value Even if you don’t mind a few dents, dings or scratches your potential buyers might. By potential buyers I mean anyone from a friend who offers to buy your tablet to one of those buy back sites that offer cash for electronics. Every little mark makes a difference when it comes to the resale value of your tablet. Protect your tablet now if you think you might try to resell it in the future.

Reasons To Get A Case For Your Tablet
Sometimes it’s hard to see spending money on a case when you’ve already spent the money on the tablet. The fear of data loss alone is usually enough to make someone think twice about a getting a case for their tablet. When you add in the cost of replacement it becomes a no brainer. I was given the opportunity to try a Case Logic SureFit Folio for my 9″ Dell Venue Pro tablet. I love that the case is sturdy, yet isn’t obtrusive or bulky. It’s very professional looking, even in the hot pink color that I chose. This case custom fits any 9″-10″ tablet, with adjustable clips that keep it secure. It costs $39.99 which is nothing in comparison to replacement cost. Case Logic specializes in pretty much any case that you can think of, including camera cases, phone cases and laptop cases.

Do you keep your tablet in a case?