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Three Fun Sick Day Activities #NetflixKids #StreamTeam

It is the time of year when colds and flu are running rampant. Kids and the elderly are the groups who will get sick more quickly and can stay sick longer. Even if we perform our due diligence with hand washing and stopping germs in their tracks, the kids are probably still going to get sick. When they are stuck at home and feeling miserable, it can be tough to make them feel better. We can give them cold wash cloths on the forehead, medication and chicken soup, but they still feel awful. When they are feeling a bit better and getting tired of being ill, they are ready for a little activity. You do not want them to get too riled up, so here are some easy things they can do while they are recuperating:

3 Activities To Help Kids Have A Fun Sick Day

  1. Make A Collage: Most of us have a pile of magazines lying around the house we are no longer using. Give the kids a few of them, a pair of safety scissors and a theme and teach them to make a collage. This is a n activity which will keep them occupied for a while as it takes time to find and cut out just the right pictures for the theme they chose. When they are done, give them a glue stick and some poster board so they can complete the collage.
  2. Play “I Spy”: This is a favorite game we usually play when we are on a road trip, but we can play it at home as well. There are plenty of things they can “spy” in their bedroom or on the family room when they are resting on the sofa. This game is sure to being a smile to their faces.
  3. Watch A Movie: What kid does not love to watch their favorite funny TV show or movie when they are stuck in bed? With Netflix, you can get a ton of age appropriate movies and shows streamed to your TV to keep the kids happy for hours.

Netflix offers so many titles the entire family can enjoy, there will be no boredom in your home! The Netflix steaming plan is affordable enough to fit in virtually anyone’s budget. You can stream directly through select TV’s, your gaming system or your mobile device. There are several choices for kids and adults of all ages, so there is sure to be something the entire family can enjoy. Signing up is quick and easy and you will find titles in categories like Kids, Family, Documentary, Popular On Netflix and much more.

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