When it comes to accessorizing, every woman needs certain beauty staples in her jewelry cabinet that she can easily turn to for a special occasion. Whether we want to glam up for a birthday party, an anniversary, a networking event or a casual night in town, regardless of the context, we all need a bit of sparkle to take our outfit to the next level and create that unique, authentic vibe that only a piece of jewelry can provide.

With that being said, here are three of the essential accessories you need to include on your list this year and the ideal events where you can flaunt them:

Pearls: For hundreds of years, pearls have been the favorite adornment of women, to the detriment of nearly all other accessories. Fashion icons such as Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe have all proclaimed their love for this shimmering staple, praising their delicate and refined appearance, as well as its effortless versatility.

This fashion staple is a must-have for any stylish woman who wants to complement her outfit in a chic, but poised manner.

When to flaunt them: Choose a tasteful and sophisticated string of pearls to accompany your LBD for a perfect visual balladry on your next wedding anniversary.

Large Statement Earrings: If you thought small, delicate items are the only must-haves in the jewelry department this year, then it’s definitely time to reconsider. While pearls are great for elegant, private occasions, large statement earrings should be an integral part of your outfit for any nighttime social event. When you’re in a large crowd, for instance, these types of earrings could be the key factor that determines whether you’re simply going to blend in with the rest or be remembered as a true fashionista, who knows the right mix of ingredients in order to create a bold, yet playful appearance.

When to flaunt these: Rock these at a glamorous cocktail party and you’ll have all heads turning your way.

Oversized Bracelets: Whether they’re classical, tribal or chain link shaped, a set of oversized bracelets can take any boring outfit and create an edgy, authentic style that turns your outfit from anonymous to memorable. You can wear them confidently with a tight sleeveless dress or even with a crop top and jeans, you won’t even have to bother about a complicated hairstyle or make-up, since the bracelets will be the defining element of your entire look.

When to flaunt these: Rock a few golden overlapping bracelets with a spring floral dress for a flirty night out with your girlfriends or the perfect first date.

So there you have it: our top three choices for essential jewelry items that every woman needs to have in her cabinet this year. What is your take on this? What are your favorite ways to accessorize?