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We are on the brink of this cold and snowy weather turning to spring like temperatures and conditions. With that comes a rush of families who are itching to get out of the house due to winter cabin fever. I bet this sounds familiar to many readers who were caught in these winter storms of late. Are you taking a road trip during Spring Break with your friends or family? If so, you are going to want to take an extra passenger with you; Zubie. This amazing little gadget is the perfect accompaniment for anyone with a car. It is like having a mini-car guru who knows and tells you all about your car, making you more ready when you are on the road. Here is why I am crazy about Zubie:

3 Reasons I am Loving My Zubie

3 Reasons I Am Loving My Zubie

  1. It Takes The Mystery Out Of Car Maintenance: You know those lights that will come on when you are driving and you really do not know what they mean? My son has been using the Zubie for 4 weeks now, and now I do not have to worry so much that his check engine light is on! Zubie explains to you in wording anyone can understand, what these lights and other maintenance issues mean. It can help you know when you need your car serviced, if you battery is in danger of failing or even how to avoid a breakdown. Zubie App (1)
  2. It Gives Me Peace Of Mind: With the Zubie, it tracks my son’s whereabouts, so I know where he is always. The Zubie also tells me when he arrives safely at school, work, a friend’s or anywhere else he may be going. Because Zubie also tracks his driving habits, we can get rewarded on our car insurance for his good driving habits.
  3. It Is Great On Road Trips: Zubie is the ultimate road trip buddy! If you are in a group, you can use the map feature to show you where everyone in your group is and if they stray our of the pack. No more pulling over every 30 minutes because someone got stuck behind a truck and no one could see them!

The Zubie service goes directly through my smart phone via the easy to download app, making it very convenient to use. The Zubie Key is super easy to install in your car and once you download the app, it communicates with you through your phone! By doing this, you get all your information immediately, so you know what is going on, when it is going on. This little fella will save you money on your car repairs, your insurance and can help you get discounts on car repairs and services. You can even find out the true market value of your car based on the mileage, how it has been driven and the service and repairs you have had done. It would make a great gift for  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or for the new grad on your list! connect with Zubie to learn more on Twitter and on Facebook.

Hit the road with Zubie! Order today and SAVE 20% with code SAVE20FEB on your Zubie Key plus one year of service. *Offer good through March 31, 2014. Shipping charges apply.

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