Three Sock Organizer Ideas To Help Your Unclutter

With the new year, comes time for new beginnings and changes. For my family, I am working on getting our home and ourselves more organized. Over the summer, I did some organizing outside, as you can see in my post How To Organize Your Outdoor Gear. Now it is time to get  my hands on the inside of the house and whip it into shape! With the kids getting older, it seems were are pulled in more direction and have less time to spend together as a family. I thought with getting organized and putting some schedules in place, we would spend less time on chores and  and such and have more time for fun. One of the things I did was institute organizational systems for Caitlin and Henry’s bedrooms to make getting dressed easier. I also found if things are more organized, the kids can clean up and find things more easily. One of the areas I worked on was our sock drawers. They were a mess and were in dire need of help! I found some great ideas and thought you may find them useful.

3 Sock Organizer Ideas To Unclutter Your Drawers

3 Sock Organizer Ideas To Unclutter Your Drawers

  1. Purge: The first thing you need to do is go through your socks and get rid of anything they has a hole, has no mate, is stained or stretched or you no longer like. This will clear out a lot of space and save you from overlooking the same pair of socks over and over again!
  2. Folding: Find a system you prefer to keep your socks together in pairs. It is frustrating to find one sock you want to wear but cannot find the other. I place my socks flat out, on top of each other and roll over one end. Some people, like my husband, prefer to lay them on top of each other and roll them. Whatever works for you, as long as you get those suckers together!
  3. Organization: The next step is to find a system you like to keep your socks organized. You can the cardboard dividers you find in liquor boxes and cut it down to fit your drawer This fits those rolled up socks really well and the square opening is just the right size for a pair of socks. You can also cut apart a cardboard box and make your own dividers or you can buy plastic containers from the Dollar Store to fit into your drawer. Again, whatever you can find to work for you, as long as it keeps those socks in their place.

Darn Tough

Once you have purged your drawers and you are ready for new socks, you want to find a great brand of hosiery. When I am buying socks, I want socks which are colorful and have cool patterns. I also want a sock that will last me for years and will keep my feet warm and dry. For me, the company that fits the bill on every level is Darn Tough Vermont. I trust Darn Tough because since 1978, all they have done is socks. They know they stuff and they know what works and I feel confident in wearing them. Their socks are guaranteed for life, are made for everyone in the family and have a huge variety to choose from. You can choose everyday socks for work or play, socks for hiking, skiing, biking or other outdoor activities.

They test their socks under these conditions, have padding and Coolmax technology where you need it and they make sure they are going to hold up. With quality factors in place like more stitches per inch and high quality Merino wool and excellent fit. When you buy socks from a company with such high standards, you know you are getting way more than your money’s worth. I received socks for everyday use as well as a pair for hiking and they are Ah-mazing. They are soft, comfortable, fit incredibly well and keep my feet coo, dry and comfy. You can purchase the Darn Tough socks from their website, Amazon and other fine stores and the prices range from $12-$30.

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What is your biggest motivation for getting your sock drawer organized?


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