Three Ways To Celebrate Awards Season 2014

I absolutely love movies and have since I was just a little girl. My first movie I saw in a theater was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I remember sitting in that seat and thinking how magical it was to see those images on the big screen. As I grew up, my love for watching movies just got stronger. One of my favorite things to do is watch all the awards shows to commemorate the achievements in the film industry. As we are just a little over a month away from “The Big Night” in Hollywood, I wanted to give you some ideas to celebrate Awards Season 2014.


3 Ideas For Celebrating Awards Season 2014

  1. Have A Pre-Show Party: I usually have my sister over to watch the awards shows with me so we can dish on all the celebrities. To get in the spirit, we usually make up some fun foods and drinks to go with the occasion. We are going to have steak in honor of the Dallas Buyers Club since Ron Woodruff has a steakhouse dinner date. A yummy Cosmopolitan is in honor of old Hollywood and after, we will sip coffee in honor of Captain Phillips. This was the only drink you see aboard the ship! The list goes on, so you can have fun and get creative and think up your own epicurious treats.
  2. Have A Mini Awards Show: I know it is silly, but before the show starts, we do a few predictions. We take the major categories and write down who we think the winner will be and seal it in an envelope. When they announce the category, we open each other’s envelope and reveal our picks. It is silly but fun!
  3. Watch The Movies Before The Show: The best way to predict who will win in each category is to see the movies nominated. I try to see a few of the movies in the theater, but I cannot always do that. With a hectic schedule, kids, work and all, getting time for a movie can be tricky. To make sure I have the nominated films at my fingertips, I go to Movies On Demand. It is affordable, easy and the whole family can enjoy it in the comfort of our own home.


There are so many fantastic movie’s up for awards this year, I honestly am not sure who will win. Among the nominated films are Blue Jasmine, Captain Phillips, Despicable Me 2, Star Trek Into Darkness and more.You can see the entire listing of the nominated films which are available at Movies On Demand in their 2014 Awards Season section.


With just the click of a button, you can have instant access to the favorites from this Awards Season. Instead of getting dressed up and spending a fortune for the family to go to the movies, you can stay home and watch MOD in your pajamas!

To celebrate Awards Season 2014, MOD is offering a giveaway so you can throw your own party! The package includes $20 Cable Cash to order movies, a $25 VISA gift card to buy snacks and a MOD blanket and cups.

Which movie do you think will win Best Picture this year?