data-networks-dark-fibreYour phone, pad, and computer are all working together for your business. As the needs are ever increasing, how are you going to meet all of them with your existing data system?  When businesses grow the pains are felt nowhere more than  in IT. It constantly struggles to keep up the pace and meet the needs of the rest of the outfit.  Amcom has a solution with their dark fibre network. Please see amcom’s page on dark fibre. Their dark fibre is a secure, high-speed solution that can meet your communication needs of your business.  By connecting the points of your business Amcom provides a reliable way to deliver high-speed data applications.  Your business will grow in three important ways as Amcom’s services work with you to meet your communication needs.

dark fibre

  • Make it Cheaper: Amcom gives options depending on how much you want to spend. With dual and single core fibre optic cable options available, you can take advantage of emergent technologies and save money.  The infrastructure that goes along with running fibre optic cable represents the bulk of the investment.  By using Amcom’s pre-existing network of cables there’s no need to invest in cable installation from the ground up.  That money goes back in your pocket.
  • Make it Work Better: Amcom has over 2,100 kms of fiber-optic network that supports all major technologies.  When companies lease out too much cable space it slows down connection speed. This fiber is dedicated and physically separate from any other service. By having Amcom’s Dark Fibre Service you have full control over your network and can utilize whatever technology your business requires.  You decide what transmission technology is needed and how it’s used.
  • Make it Grow: This service is scalable and ready to grow with your business. The sky is the limit. You get constant access to on-going network growth which helps when planning for the future. Amcom helps alleviate some of those pains by meeting the ongoing needs of your business as needed. They have a network of five third-party data centers where they can house your IT equipment in a safe and reliable environment and they provide instant IT service.  Everything your business needs to move faster and do more.