Three Ways To Get Kids Interested In Science #NetflixKids

I think many of us parents have had our kids come home with a school project which needed our help. It seems it starts really young with these complicated assignments. I like to think my kids are pretty smart, but they are certainly not a young Einstein! Have you even been stuck in the kitchen making a basic volcano to erupt or creating an electric potato because your kids was not into it? If we could get our kids more interested in science, it may get them excited about being more hands on with these projects. Here are just 3 ideas to get your kids more excited about how things work:

3 Ideas To Get Your Kids Interested In Science

3 Ideas To Get Your Kids Interested In Science

  1. Nature Walks: Get outside and take a walk in the park, a nature center or the zoo. There are tons of insect and animal life as well as plants and flowers kids can learn about. Experts suggest taking a book on the subjects for reference. This will help you locate certain species you find and learn about them.
  2. Science Kits: There are a lot of science kits on the market geared for kids of pre-school age through the teen years. You can also find simple experiments online to do with the kids at home. Switch out one of your arts and craft days with a science project day!
  3. Books And TV Shows On Science: When we are reading to our kids, no one said all the books had to be fairy tales. We can find books about science, how things work, animals and more that will interest our kids. The more kids know, the more their excitement will grow! There are many shows on TV the kids can watch to learn about the subject as well. This month on Netflix, there are many science themed suggestions for kids of all ages.


If you have younger kids at home, they will enjoy many of the science, nature and how stuff works themed shows on Netflix. They can learn about animals with The Kratt Brothers or about science on Peep and the Big Wide World. For the older kids, they will enjoy How Stuff Works or How Do They Do It? No matter the level of you child, any of these and the many other options on Netflix, will spark a curiosity in your child and get them interested in science.

You can stream Netflix through your TV as well as your mobile devices for under $10 monthly. You can watch the shows at home with the kids or they can watch it on the go. If your kids have a gaming device like an Xbox or Wii, they can stream Netflix through their system as well. With so many selections, you are sure to find more than one show you and the kids will enjoy. You never know; you may learn something along with them!