Game Day Party Friends
Recently, I had a Superbowl party at my house with 20 some odd people! Wow! Some of them were kids, but sometimes they are the pickiest party goers. Here are a few tips on having a successful game day party! You never know, you might want to have a party at your house to watch the end of the Winter Olympics or perhaps basketball is your thing and you are gearing up for the Play-offs!

Game Day Party Tips

  • Invite Fun People: It is all about the company you keep! If you invite people who have the same interests as you, you will have something to talk about. For example if one team puts a total beatdown on the other, so there is no reason to keep your eyes glued to the set. If you have fun people attend, the party is always a good time!
Mary Eating A Gold Emblem Chocolate Chip Cookie
Mary Eating A Gold Emblem Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Provide Spectacular Snacks: The success of any party can be made just by the food at hand! No one wants to be stuck at a game day party without nuts and popcorn to snack on. It is almost a given tradition to follow. you should offer something sweet and salty for your guests to snack on. You should also provide healthy options too! Don’t forget the drinks for the kids!
Mason loves Gold Emblem Apple Juice
Mason loves Gold Emblem Apple Juice

CVS has a ton of snacks that are easy to grab and go and taste great! I love that CVS is right around the corner from my house. This way I can have 20 people over to my house at the spur of the moment and get everything I need from CVS for the party!

Game Day Party Treats

Everyone loved the snacks so much, I wanted to check on Twitter to see if everyone felt the same. I got a ton of replies with all of their favorite Gold Emblem game day snacks from CVS! I think it was a tie between the Pistachios and the trail mix! I got so many answers, I even held an impromptu giveaway on Twitter – See guys! Open my newsletters!

Provide Entertainment For Those Not Watching The Game: Not everyone is a huge sports fan (ME!) and people like me want to have something to do other than watch a bunch of tiny dots on a screen chase a ball! CVS sent us this passwords game.

I totally caught my brother-in-law cheating on the game. He didn’t know I was behind him with the camera! He was trying to point to the popcorn in the bowl. Don’t you think he totally looks like he is cheating?!!
Game Day Party
Thanks to CVS for a great time off an online! The next time you have a game day party, make sure to stop into your local CVS for Gold Emblem snacks!! Your party is sure to be a hit!