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I just moved into a new home and everything is completely different from my old house. I am having to buy everything new again, so when I got my new 39″ Class 1080p LED HDTV LE39F32800 I had to decide where I wanted to put it and how I was going to watch it. I turned my living room into a studio for yoga and poi classes, and I was sure I did not want the good TV to go in where it might get knocked over. Plus there isn’t any furniture in there! There are several alternatives to the ol’ stick-your-tv-on-an-entertainment-center nowadays.

Three Ways To Showcase A TV

  1. Mount the TV on the wall: The most space-saving way to showcase a TV is to mount it on the wall. This is perfect for my dance studio, but I am not sure I trust the old walls of my home quite yet for such precious tech equipment!
  2. Use Antique Furniture:  I have this antique armoire which used to belong to my grandma’s grandma. It is a beautiful piece which should be showcased in a primary area. Everyone looks at the television, so what better place to feature an antique than where everyone is looking?
  3. Build A Corner Shelf: This is the option I chose largely because the shelf was built by the previous owner. Regardless, it worked really well for me as the television was going into my bedroom. Since I older now, my eyes aren’t quite as good as they used to be, so having a larger size television like the Haier LED HDTV LE39F32800 makes my squint factor go down when I am too lazy to grab my eyeglasses.

corner shelf

You can learn more about the products Haier offers in the Haier Facebook Page, Haier Twitter Page, and at the Haier website. When I received my Haier TV I was amazed at how light the box was. I could pick it up myself rather easily and set it up in about 10 minutes flat! You can read more about my favorite features of the Haier TV I received at my blog post, “Four Features On The Haier LE39F32800“.

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