Over the summer, I chose to down size and donate many of my belongings, including most of my holiday decorations, in order to live comfortably in my new (much smaller) home. As the holidays have grown closer, I realize that I miss the warmth of the lights and the scent of pine. So, to match my tiny home I received a tiny Norfolk Island Pine and decorated it. I played decorator, moving them about the space, playing with all the options. After having so much fun, I thought others may like the same. Below are just a few of the ideas/ places I came up with that a tiny tree might be just the perfect holiday focal.

pines 2

Tiny Trees, Perfect Small Space Holiday Decor

  • Studio Apartments: If you live in a studio, chances are good you live alone and don’t need a big tree. Place one of these little beauties on the coffee or end table (dining if you have it). Perhaps atop a covered, overturned pot with your gifts piled around it.
  • Dorm Rooms: Notoriously small, a Chihuahua seems a nearly oppressive size, but if you are stuck at school for holiday break why suffer? Your roommate is away, why not use their bunk as a make shift ‘Christmas Corner’? What they don’t know won’t hurt, right? Besides its Christmas and who would deny a friend a tree?
  • Office/Cubicle: Perhaps you could use some cheer at work. A tiny tree fits only needs a corner of a desk. I even saw a teller with a tiny tree in her work station last week!
  • Assisted Living: This is much like living in an efficiency. Spatially, a tiny tree is a perfect fit, but it also needs less care and attention of a large cut tree, perfect for those who tend to forget to water… like me!

Looking for a tiny tree? Check out the selection at CostaFarms.com, they have all kinds of plants for in and out doors!