target halloween
The boys looking at the Halloween decor at Target

20140928_112541Halloween is my favorite time of year. It is when all the stores have all their spooky wares displayed for us to decorate our bodies and homes! I am not sure who has more fun, the kids or me! We like to start decorating in September and love to have themed dinners and drinks. TruMoo just made an awesome Orange Scream flavor, and it has quickly become a family favorite. My kids love the flavor which resembles one of the orange creamsicles from when I was a kid. One could say it is a frightfully delicious drink. The Limited Edition TruMoo Orange Scream milk would be perfect to create Halloween inspired recipes!TruMoo Orange Scream is made with wholesome low-fat white milk and is brought to you by your trusted local TruMoo dairy. As always, there are no artificial growth hormones or high fructose corn syrup. This is important to know especially if you re off to Target to choose your Halloween costume with the kids. Your ghosts and goblins should be adequately hydrated when shopping and you don’t need them hopped up on sugar.

halloween costume

choosing the right costume
Jakobi is making a tough decision. What should he be for Halloween?
  1. Before your trip, make sure all members of your party have eaten, gone to the bathroom and have had a drink. It cuts down on time and the whining!
  2. Let your kids have a say in what costume is chosen, after all, they are the ones wearing it.
  3. Keep comfort in mind. Sometimes the cool, full face mask might get a bit hot!
  4. Make sure it fits!
  5. Have fun and enjoy your Halloween