There are always improvements we would like to make to our homes, and some are more extensive than others. Whether it’s revamping your floors or replacing the worn-out roof with a reinforced built up roof, proper planning is key to desired outcomes. However, plans can often be put on hold due to a lack of funds. The good news is that perhaps you don’t need to save up as much money as you previously thought, as there are ways to do home renovations cheaply if you know how. If you can’t wait to begin a home renovation, then these tips will help you to do it in a budget-friendly way.

Do much of the Work Yourself

Having to pay tradespeople to do jobs on your home can add up, so write a list of all the jobs that need doing and see what ones you could do yourself. While some jobs might need more than a little expertise, thing like painting, laying carpet, or sanding floors are all possible to learn how to do. If you are feeling stuck, you could watch tutorials online and ask for advice from experts. With a little practice, most smaller decorating and renovating jobs can be achieved, saving you money. You might even enjoy doing some tasks, and the sense of pride you get when you admire your work is something money cannot buy!

Discounted Materials

When shopping for materials for your renovation project, it is worth looking at any clearance offers in stores or items that are discounted due to small defects. For example, bags of plaster might be discounted if the packaging is split, or other items might be discounted for small marks that could be unnoticeable when fitted. You can usually pick up a bargain or two, and on more expensive items a defect means a good discount.

You can also get a good discount in your look for end of line materials that are no longer being made. You might just find enough packs of tiles to do your bathroom with, laminate flooring for your utility room, or enough rolls of wallpaper for your home office.

Go Second Hand

Second hand furniture, kitchen cupboard doors, old style radiators and more can be given a new lease of life with a bit of careful restoration. Visit second hand stores, thrift stores or reclamation yards for some treasures for your home. You can also find new uses for old furniture, such as modifying a bookcase to become a kitchen shelf unit, or make a pantry style cupboard from an old wooden wardrobe.

You can also try upcycling wooden pallets to make a variety of interesting things for your home, such as a window box to grow herbs in, a wine rack, or a place to store magazines. There are lots of websites that can show you thing you can make from pallets, and as they can often be purchased cheaply, or even given away for free, it is worth getting some to see if you can make something good for your home.

Buying second hand can save you a lot of money, and the item will often have more charm and character when restored than anything you can buy new.

Apply Fresh Coat of Paint

Just repainting parts of your home can transform how it looks, and change the feel of any room. Go for a statement color wall while leaving the rest neutral, or experiment with a color you wouldn’t normally go for.

Other ways to use paint to change a room is to just paint the woodwork, or your kitchen cupboard doors. Painting is one of the most budget-friendly ways to renovate a room, saving you on other, more costly, renovation ideas.

Tidy the Exterior

The outside of your home is the first thing people see when they come to your property, so it needs to make a good impression. If you have cladded walls, consider power-washing them to clean them up. You can also clean your guttering and repaint wooden window frames for a smarter look.

Create a low maintenance front garden that stays looking good. You could use materials such as slate or colored gravel to add some interest, as well as helping to stop weeds in your borders.

Use Lighting

Different forms of lighting can transform the look and feel of any room, and also outside spaces such as porch ways and gardens.

Instead of the usual ceiling lights, try softer wall lights for cozy evenings in. For kitchens and bathrooms, try color changing spotlights, or lights that glow inside glass cabinets. There are numerous types of lighting you can buy for any style of room, and the good thing is that thanks to modern LED technology they are cheap and efficient to run.

Get New Appliances

Sometimes, instead of renovating a whole room, simply getting a few shiny new appliances will give you the modern design you are looking for. Replace an old oven, a worn out dishwasher, or well-used kettle with something new, and your room has a brand new look without the need for more expensive renovation work.

Borrow a Small Amount

Sometimes when you need a room renovated quickly, it can be more cost effective to borrow a small amount of money to get the job done so it is not a drain on your finances. For example, old windows mean you pay more to heat your home, so replacing them sooner will save you money in the long run. Shop around to find the best personal loans to suit your needs, and try to pay it off as soon as possible.

There are many advantages of renovating your home. It gives you a new feel and fresh atmosphere that can make you feel happier, and it can also add value should you be thinking of selling. While home renovation can be expensive, there are ways that you can change your home that will cost you considerably less than you think. So, if you are saving up for a home renovation, try looking at budget-friendly ways you can make a difference and achieve the home you want quicker!