Tips For Enjoying Your Backyard

The house we currently live in is the first house we have lived that has a yard to hang out in. When we lived in our apartment and condo, we only had a patio and a very small patch of grass. The kids were so excited when I told them we would have a yard and we could have fun in it. I knew I wanted to set it up so we could all enjoy it, but I was not sure what to get. I decided to do some research and see what people were using. Here are some great tips for enjoying your backyard:

  • Furniture:Choosing furniture depends highly on what you plan to do in your yard. If you are just going to be relaxing and watching the kids playing, a few comfortable chairs and a table would be nice. If you were planning to use the yard more, you may consider adding a table to eat from with additional seating.
  • Lighting: As many people enjoy their yards well into the evening, lighting is important. You can use similar lighting as you would inside, depending on your access to electrical outlets. Other ideas are stringing lights or lanterns or using “torches” strategically placed throughout the yard.
  • Storage: If you have kids, you will need to have storage for their toys and accessories. What you choose of course will depend on how much you have to store and what fits in with your decor.
  • Activity Centers:Again if you have kids, you will want to have some fun activities for them like a pool, trampoline and so on.
  • Relaxation Area:Many people have a backyard so they can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. To do so in a relaxing way, you should create a space that is for that purpose specifically. We decided to put a hammock between two trees that are set apart from the rest of the yard. The company that I found that has a large variety of very well made hammocks is Eagles Nest Outfitters, Inc.

Tips For  Enjoying Your Backyard

Once we decided we wanted a hammock for enjoying our backyard and where to put it, finding the best for our needs was next. The large selection from Eagles Nest Outfitters was appealing as they had several sizes and colors to choose from. The company was started by two laid back brothers who wanted to just wanted to find a way to earn a living doing what they loved: hanging out! So, Peter and Paul decided to sell the comfiest hammocks possible. After working on the road and doing well, they settled in NC where the business has blossomed ever since.

We received the DoubleNest hammock, which is big enough for 2 and comes in 20 color choices. We also received the patented Slapstraps which allows you to easily set up the hammock wherever their are two strong anchors available (trees). Caitlin put the hammock up in about 2 minutes, allowed me to snap a few photos and within 30 minutes was sound asleep! I would love to tell you how comfortable the hammock if for myself, but we cannot get Caitlin out of the darn thing! What a perfect addition to our backyard! You can purchase the Doublenest Hammock from the ENO website for $69.95 and the SlapStrap to hang it for $19.95.


  1. All our time and energy seems to go into maintaining a status quo with our enormous backyard, fighting weeds, destruction wreaked by dogs and indifference from kids leave us no time for enjoyment or improvements.
    We are looking at moving to a lower maintenance house and land in the near future. As proud Queenslanders we WANT to be enjoying our outdoors lifestyle, not forever working.
    Some great advise in your post

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