Fun And Useful Christmas Gift Ideas

Fun Christmas Gifts For Your Family Ideas

It is that time of year when we are searching for fun and useful Christmas gifts ideas.  I am one of those people who love to choose gifts much more than receiving them.  When buying gifts, I try to find just the right item for everyone on my list. You do need to take some things into consideration when you are setting out for your hunt for the perfect present. Find out what they like to do, if they have a hobby, if they have a new baby, if they are in school, are just a few good questions to ask.  If you aren’t sure about where to start, check out their social media pages.  They may have given a status update or tweeted about something that would give you a hint.  Also ask friends, family members or co-workers. For that matter, just ask the recipient!  Here are a few gift ideas that are hot this season:

  • Fashion and beauty:  Gorgeous jewel tone colors are hot this season, so buying a great collection of these would be a good way to go.  You can find eye shadow, lip color or nail polish in a collection of various colors and they are pretty reasonable in price.
  • Sports and fitness:  There are some items in this category that would make a perfect gift.  For the person who works out, a great microfiber towel that is super absorbent is perfect.  Another great item that is very affordable is a good resolvable drinking bottle.  You can find these in BPA free plastic, stainless steel or glass and they are usually under $20.
  • Family and kids:  If you have a parent on your list, a great gift idea is giving a certificate redeemable for one night of free babysitting.  This will allow your friends to get some alone time and without worrying about paying a sitter, they can live it up and buy an appetizer!!
  • Fun but useful:  I love to find gifts that will put a smile on your face while being practical.  A knit sock monkey hat may be silly to look at but it does the trick!  Another great gift that is a lot of fun to give is novelty slippers.  You can find a huge selection of animal and character slippers for everyone in your family at

Funny Novelty Slippers

Funny Novelty Slippers

I LOVE to give people funny novelty slippers as gifts.  One of my all-time favorite gifts I have every gotten was a pair of elephant slippers.  Every time I walked, the big trunk would bounce and it cracked me up!  Last year was sock monkeys and this year is all about monsters.  The kids and I have been watching the show Face Off which is about special effects makeup, which got Henry very interested in the monster realm.  The selection from is unbelievable.  There is absolutely something for everyone in your family as they have slippers for your baby or your grandmother.  I have never seen anything as adorable and unique as the baby booties from  They are hysterical!!  We received the Classic Bunny Slipper ($29.95) and the Dinosaur Feet ($24.95) and we LOVE them!  **Please note that cats are apparently unafraid of  fierce dinosaur slippers**  I am here to tell you these are the best made slippers I have ever seen.  The attention to detail on the slippers as well as the bendable ears make these slippers a must have in your home.  Henry could not have been more cute than when he was walking, well, stomping through the house with his Dinosaur Slippers saying “Rawrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”.  The funny thing is these were originally intended as a gift for my daughter and her boyfriend but the kids intercepted the package, ripped it open and claimed the slippers for their own!  Those little monsters!  Oh, and not only can you can find monster slippers at, there are several for you to choose from.  If you are looking for a fun gift for the people on your list, don’t forget

One reader will win a pair of the Classic Bunny Slipper ($29.95)

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  1. I really love the Grizzly Bear Paw Slippers. Thanks for the awesome giveaway 🙂

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  2. Definitely the classic bunny slippers! Had a pair years ago and finally had to throw them away cause they were so ratty!

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  4. Since these would be fore my oldest son, not sure if he’d want dino slippers, bunny slippers, or what. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Fuzzy Pink Poodle Slippers
    These would be so warm .. loss my partner 11/10/125 of 20yrs and the kids took his.oh well i just want my Randy back

  6. I think donating to a charity is a good gift idea too! If you haven’t heard of Heifer International ( you should check them out. They donate animals to families in need, giving them a steady source of food and income.

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