It is time to dust off those grills, barbecue season is finally here! This is my husband’s favorite time of year, undoubtedly because he can fish and grill as much as he wants without having to get “dressed up.” This just means that he can throw on a fishing shirt, cargo shorts and his almost blown out flip flops to do the manly things he craves to do. Whether it is chicken, steak, veggies or ribs, our grill really has no boundaries as to what goes on it, or in it. Food cooked on any grill is amazing, but there is just something about cooking with charcoal that makes food taste pretty special. Grilling with charcoal can be a bit tricky but with some practice, anyone can do it!

Tips To Use When Grilling With Charcoal

  • Choose A Safe Location: Unfortunately, you can’t just fire up the grill wherever you feel like it. It is important to keep your grill on a flat surface to prevent it from tipping over. You will also want to be sure to keep it outdoors in a well ventilated area. Never use your grill indoors and keep it away from overhangs and and deck railing. Grilling emits carbon monoxide, which can be deadly if your grill is not used in a well ventilated area.
  • Have The Correct Tools: Your grill is going to get hot! Flaming hot! Before lighting the grill, make sure that you have everything you will need in arms reach. Flame retardant gloves are usually a must, along with long tongs, a long fork and a plate for the food once it is ready.
  • Handle With Care: Never ever use gasoline or kerosene to light your charcoal. Lighter fluid is preferred, but even then you will want to be sure it is burned off before your food is applied to the grill. Having the right tools such as a charcoal chimney or BBQ Dragon accelerator can help you to avoid unnecessarily adding fluid to your charcoal. Do not close the grill cover until you are ready to grill or you may experience a blast of fire once the lid is removed.
  • How To Grill: Marinate foods or rub with vegetable oil to prevent them from sticking. Make sure you leave enough room between foods to allow for even heating. You want to be sure to only turn meats once per side to avoid uneven cooking. Apply any sauces during the last 10 minutes of cooking as to prevent sauce from burning. Always scrub the grill with a wire bristle brush after cooking to keep the grill clean and ready to use next time.
  • Dispose Of Coals: If you choose to dispose of the coals, do so after a 48 hour resting period. Coals can stay hot for up to 2 days, causing many safety risks such as fires and burns. Once they are cooled they can be discarded. If you must discard them before they are cooled off, bury them in a can or other fire proof receptacle filled with sand or water. You can also choose to keep your charcoal by storing it in a cool, dry place until your next grill session.

Summer time is the perfect time to break out the grill and enjoy time with friends and family outdoors. Grilling does require some set up ahead of time and charcoal needs time to heat up. If your family includes young children, you may not have the time to wait for the grill to heat up. If this is the case, using an accelerator such as the BBQ Dragon can help cut your grill prep time in half. The BBQ Dragon is a fire starter like you have never seen before. It clamps inconspicuously on to your grill and once it is turned on, can light your charcoal in just minutes! It does this by providing a constant steam of cool air to the charcoal without blowing ash all over the place.

My husband has been showing off his BBQ Dragon by bringing it to his buddies houses during cookouts. It’s small and easy to travel with. It even comes with rechargeable batteries, so we can not wait to take it tailgating with us this football season! We’ve even used it to help start our fire pit! You can purchase your own BBQ Dragon on their website for just $49.99. Even better, one lucky reader will win one of their own by entering below!

What is your favorite food to grill?


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