Tips For Preparing Your Daughter For Her Period

So you have a pre-teen or teenage daughter at home that is approaching puberty? For many of you, and it is time for “that” talk about her period and the changes her body will go through. For many, this can be an awkward and uncomfortable talk to have. For many parents, trying to find the right time and way to discuss the subject can be a challenge. We must remember there is much more to preparing your daughter for her period than just talking about it. If you have a budding woman in your house and you need to get her ready for her “time of the month” and other issues related to puberty, here are some great tips.

Tips For Preparing Your Daughter For Puberty

  • Talking: You should talk often and openly about not just your daughter’s period, but about puberty in general. A good place to start is asking what she knows about puberty and go from there.
  • Products: Once you have had a few frank discussions about menstruation, you should talk about the products your daughter will be using. Some girls are comfortable with trying to use a tampon, while many would rather try a pad at first. It is best to buy a sample of each and show your daughter how each is used. Answer any questions your daughter may have about them.
  • Body Changes: Your body goes through changes when puberty begins and alerting your daughter to these will ease her fears. All the women in my family get really bad cramps the day before and the day of our period. The only way to get through it is to get the heating pad, some ibuprofen and some ice cream and ride it out! If you can let your girl know this is something she is likely to experience, she can be as prepared as possible for when it actually happens.
  • Preparedness Kit: To be sure your daughter is not caught off guard when her period starts, put together a kit for her. For Caitlin, I got a waterproof bag, a few pads, ibuprofen, and a spare pair of panties. With the BFF Period Undies from Necessit-Ease, your daughter can have the confidence she will not be sharing with the world that she has started her period.

Preparing Your Daughter For Puberty

Necessit-Ease was started by Grace Soohoo who wanted to make a comfortable and fashionable solution for women during their time of the month. With her Period Undies, Grace was able to design and manufacture an innovative piece of intimate apparel that gave women additional protection during the height of their menstrual cycle. Grace comes from a family who had much experience as clothing manufacturers. During a get together with some of her girlfriends in the early 90’s, the subject of problems caused by menstruation came up. This gave Grace an idea and she began on making and remaking her prototype until she came up with a slim, waterproof, and breathable fabric concealed within the undies that was soft and comfortable against the skin.

Caitlin and I were sent a pair of the BFF Period Undies in the bikini brief in the black as well as the nude. The panties are extremely comfortable, the stitching is impeccable and they fit like a glove. Caitlin said she did not even notice the hidden pad but felt so much more confidant knowing it was there. When she knew it was time for her to start her period, she put the black pair in her bag. When the time came, of course she was at school, but she was completely prepared. She said she felt so much better knowing that even if she was delayed in getting to the restroom to change her pad, she was safe. She said with her BFF Period Undies, she would not leak and therefore, no one would know she had an accident. She absolutely loves her BFF Period Undies and recommends them with an enthusiastic thumbs up! You can buy the Period Undies in 5 colors in either the bikini brief or boy short for $14.o0 for one or $22.00 for two pairs. Be sure to stay up to date with the latest from Necessit-Ease by following them on Facebook and Twitter.

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