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Tips for Making the Most of Life in a Care Home

Care Homes sometimes have an unfair reputation, in reality they are places where people in similar stages of life can share their experiences, take advantage of regular organised activities, and enjoy meals cooked for them as well as a level of care which they need. More often than not, people get more out of their experience in a care home when they are proactive in making the most out of what is on offer. Here are a few tips on how to enjoy life in a care home.

Socialize: Aside from the care, the most obvious advantage of living in this setting is the network of peers who you can engage with on a daily basis. People often form very close friendships whilst in care homes as there are already a number of things residents have in common.

Keep Active: Retirement villages and similar facilities (such as those available through http://www.extracare.org.uk) run a range of fitness classes to improve physical and mental health. Such activities as tai chi and gardening as well as ceramics and woodwork are great ways to keep the mind and body active and stay social.

Start Your Own Club: If the care home does not run a regular group or club which you and others would find beneficial why not start one? Reading groups or film clubs are fantastic ways to keep socially active and the organisation will help keep cognitive functions sharp.

Begin a Project: If you prefer, you can use the facilities of the home to embark on your own project. Whether that is a family history project, learning a foreign language or studying, there should be the materials needed for you to challenge yourself with one of these schemes.

Suggest Excursion Ideas: Excursions are another perk of life in a care home. The home will hopefully run a number of interesting and varied trips but if you are not satisfied with what’s on offer or know of a place which you think would be enjoyed by other residents, perhaps bring your own ideas to the table.

Find Out About Fellow Residents: There will be people with rich and varied pasts in the care home. Take the time to find out all of their stories. You never know what you will learn or what you will find in common with fellow residents.

Learn to Use the Internet: This is another service offered by many care homes. Learn how to browse the World Wide Web and have another valuable resource at your fingertips. The internet also provides another convenient way to keep in contact with friends and relatives – whether that is through Skype or one of the social media platforms such as Facebook.

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