Tips On How Kids Can Earn Money
For many parents, a trip to the supermarket, mall or retail store is often when kids ask you to buy them things. At what age do you think it is appropriate to encourage them to buy those things they want so badly? When I was growing up, we earned an allowance when we were probably 10 and that was used to buy gum, candy, etc. when we went to the corner store. When I was 12 or 13, mom said it was time for me to get creative and earn money for the things I wanted that an allowance could not pay for. My sister and I found some pretty creative ways to make a few extra dollars. Here are some tips on how kids can earn money:

Tips On How Kids Can Earn Money

These are recommended for kids ages 10-13:

  • Paper Route: If you do not mind getting up early and driving them, this is a great way for kids to make money. Many newspaper routes are done before school starts, so they can get this done, go to school and enjoy their afternoon.
  • Helping The Elderly: Many older folks who need odd jobs done are happy to pay kids to help them out. My mom paid my kids to sweep the floors, dust, and other easy tasks that they could handle that she could no longer do.
  • Collecting Aluminum Cans: Many cities have numerous locations where you can turn in aluminum cans for money. This may need an adult to watch over the kids while they search for the cans.
  • Lawn Work: For this younger age group, raking and/or pulling leaves, picking up trash and other small tasks are best. For the older kids, mowing the lawn and possibly weed eating would be appropriate.

 These are recommended for kids ages 14-16+:

  • Babysitting: Laws vary from state to state, and a babysitting class may be required, so be sure to look into the legalities first. Many kids in their pre-teen years are actually quite nurturing and great with kids. It is a good idea to start with a short time away for the kids to get their sea legs before spending a long evening away from home.
  • Pet Care: Many pet owners would love for responsible kids to help with washing, walking, or possibly training animals. Some pet owners may be interested in pet sitting while they are away.
  • House Cleaning: This is something that teaches great life skills in addition to providing a valuable service. This may be something older neighbors or busy ones would really appreciate and gladly pay for.
  • Selling A Craft: If your kids have a particular talent like making soap, candles or other items that people would like, they could sell them. Check into local craft shows or help them sell their items online.
  • Selling Games/DVD’s/CD’s: Lots of kids tire of their video games, movies and music pretty quickly. Because they are usually still in good condition, they can sell them and make some good money. A great online service that buys your used items is Music Magpie. This is easy and safe for the kids because they just enter the bar code on the item they want to sell, shipping is free and they are paid by check, which will be mailed to them. Easy peasy mac and cheesy.
I hope you found some of these helpful. Now you can buy yourself something nice with the money you are saving by not buying your kids stuff!