Go Green In Your Kitchen

If you are trying to be more eco-friendly, you can start with ways to go green in your kitchen.  There are so many small changes you can make in your kitchen that would make a big impact on our planet.  In virtually every case, the small tweak you make in one area of your home will make a better planet for us all.  When my family decided to go green we started with recycling and we have made small changes ever since.  My family gets very involved when we decide as a group to do something different in our home.  If I did something on my own, I know they would not be as interested in supporting me!  Here are a few tips on getting started with going green:

Go Green In Your Kitchen

  • Water: Instead of buying bottled water, buy yourself a pitcher with a filter as well as adding a filter to your tap.  This may be a bit of a cost up front, but overall, you will save your family a ton of money and you will save our landfills from filling up with non-biodegradable bottles.]
  • Cleaners: To cut down on the toxins inside your home and out, switch from chemical laden cleaners to chemical free products.  You can find several options at your local discount store or you can make your own.  Of course, making your own is much more cost effective than buying.  Either way, you are doing your family and your planet a great service and the products work just as well as traditional cleaners.
  • Cooking: Consider making the switch with your cooking and baking products.  Your best choices would be cast iron, ceramic or stainless steel.  With other surfaces, especially those who claim to be non-stick can transfer chemicals and toxins to your food when you cook with pots and pans that are unsafe.
  • Towels: If you can switch from traditional cloth towels to a more eco-friendly substitute, you are making huge steps to living the green life.  You can find tons of paperless products in your home.  One company who has successfully combined an eco-friendly alternative to traditional throw away paper towels while maintaining a sense of style and humor.  PeopleTowels have developed a reusable towel made from a patent-pending fabric that is 100% certified organic Fair Trade cotton.

Eco-friendly Alternatives To Paper Towels

Eco-friendly Alternatives To Paper Towels

With my family interested in going green in the kitchen, ecofriendly alternatives to paper towels are a great way to start.  Although we don’t use a ton of paper products in our kitchen, we do use enough to know we can do better.  When I heard about People Towels, I was really intrigued to see for myself how their products would stack up.  Linda with PeopleTowels sent my family a great selection of her products to review.  We received a 5 day supply ($24.99) and the Woof Gift Set ($15.99) for the pet lover in the group!  What I noticed right off the bat is the quality of the products.  I expected the fabric to be thin and flimsy like a paper towel, but nope, not in the least.  The towels are made with Fair Trade Cotton which means you are not only supporting saving our planet, but the farmers as well.  Fair trade means the farmer who harvested the product is paid a fair wage and there are no unsafe working conditions and there is no child labor.  My kids loved the cute prints and funny sayings on the towels.  Because the towels are small and come with a travel bag, you can take them with you anywhere you go and store them in the bag when you have used them.  The towels are really absorbent for a little towel that is the size of a wash cloth!  All you do is pop them in the wash and you are ready to go again!

One reader will win one 5 day supply of their choice ($24.99)

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  1. I like the Inspire Dream Believe towel. I think it’s great to be able to use something other than so many paper towels.

  2. I like the LOVE ones with the globe graphic. It reminds me a bit of the old TWA exhibit at Disney World.

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  4. There are so many, turn the tide, protect our earth, and especially the WOOF!

    I also like that the Eco Traveler Set donates a $1.00 from the purchase of the Eco-Traveler 7 Day Supply is donated to the National Park Foundation

  5. The option of creating a custom design through Private Label and using it as a fundraiser for our Family & Friends Autism Team or our local non-profit Autism group is very appealing and exciting!

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