How To Increase Your Kids Concentration
If you have kids, especially the younger ones, you know how easily they get distracted. They are like little puppies that are always on the lookout for those shiny, pretty, and cool things that are around them. It is tricky to get kid’s to give you their concentration, even for a few minutes. Us parents are constantly challenged to come up with different ways to increase your kids concentration. I was researching the subject recently and I found some really great and easy to follow suggestions. Here are my top 5 favorites:

  1. Meet Their Needs: Before anything else, you need to make sure your kids physiological needs are being met. This means plenty of sleep, food and drink and exercise.
  2. Remove Distractions: As with many households, mine has a lot of electronics going on. Turn off the TV, game systems, phones and other things that will take away your child’s attention from you.
  3. Set The Mood: Make the environment around your child a calming one. Play quiet and relaxing music, dim the lights, and consider adding an indoor fountain or fish tank.
  4. Assign Tasks: Assign simple tasks that are repetitive that your child can master easily. Some suggestions are setting the table, folding towels or following a recipe for older kids.
  5. Make It Fun: Virtually all kids learn best when they are relaxed, engaged and having fun. If you can find a game that is fun and will help with your child’s concentration. One of my favorite companies to go to for fun games that teach is Super Duper Publications.

How To Increase Your Kids Concentration

Now that I am a home school mom, I am always on the lookout for creative ways to teach. I have found that game playing is a huge help and keeps Henry engaged. If I am trying to use traditional teaching methods, I have lost him within the first 5-10 minutes. If you want to increase your kids concentration, Lids and Lizards is a great game for that. The game helps kids with articulation, categorizing, describing, auditory and visual memory skill and boosting the concentration. The game comes with 10 magnets each for the 10 categories, which are: clothing, animals, food, transportation and around the home. You will also find 20 tin lids for the magnets to cling to and 12 lizards. Taking turns, the child or student will flip over a lid that will have one magnet and one lizard. The child will guess that item and what category it goes in. Each correct answer gets a lizard, and the child with the most lizards wins!

Henry has a really great time playing this game. It is geared for kids that are a bit younger, but with his autism, he is more on an 7-10 year old level rather than his age of 12. I modified the game so he would name the category, choose the item that did not fit in the group and spelling. He loves insects, bugs and reptiles, so the lizards made the game for him! He was engaged, focused and was able to play the game for more then 30 minutes. This is a great game for parents as well as educators. You can purchase this game from the Super Duper website for $39.95.
One USA reader will win one Lids ‘n Lizards game ($39.95)


  1. i would also like to get the Ring Bling®
    The Handy Game of Following Directions it looks like we would have a lot of fun with it!

  2. My favorite product would be what do you say what do you say at school, and the at home version for those with autism. This would be great to have when working!!!

  3. My 2 neices would have so much fun playing this game. My youngest neice loves lizards.She tries to catch them but they’re just to quick. Thank you 🙂

  4. I would love to have the WHAT’S IN NED’S HEAD game to play with my grandchildren!

  5. I am a pediatric SLP so super duper is my favorite store! I have a huge wishlist and my next “must have product” is the 500 Prefixes, Suffixes, and Stems Super Fun Deck

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  7. I would be interested in their educational apps. Vocabulary would be s good place to start.

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