An air mattress also referred as an inflatable mattress is an excellent choice for a mattress if you are hosting guests temporally. The mattress is usually inflated with air for it to provide a sleeping area. Although the bed is not as comfortable as the usual foam beds, it can help you have a good night sleep as long you use it the correct way. Besides, it is a better alternative as compared to a sofa.
Here are the tips for sleeping comfortably on an air mattress

Buy a double padded air mattress
Although a single padded air mattress is useful as well, a double bed is even better since it provides more space and more comfort. Remember that these beds are usually pumped and if your weight does not level well in the mattress, having comfortable night sleep may be hard as you will keep on falling off the bed. Also, if you are sharing the bed with someone else or even a pet, such a bed offers maximum space for the both of you. Visit ChooseMattress to find the best double padded air mattress to purchase.
Treat it like your usual bed
The bed is filled with air which can be a bit uncomfortable especially if it is your first time to use it. But you can still create a good night sleep by treating it as your standard bed. For example, make sure it has beddings spread on it and some pillows as well. If you are having your guests sleep on your bed, consider using your beddings and offer them new ones instead. This will make you feel like you are still sleeping in your bed.
Place it on a smooth carpeted area
If you want to have an uninterrupted sleep at night, then make sure to keep the mattress in a carpeted area. The hard floor makes the mattress produce annoying noises when you turn at night which can keep you awake all night long. So avoid this by sleeping in an area that has a carpet. It could be in your sitting room area or even on the bedroom floor if it has a carpet spread.

Check the quality

Not all inflatable mattresses have high quality. Some can serve you for a long time while others cannot even last for a week. So, if you want an item that you will be able to use for a long time, make sure to check on its quality. Some of the features to use in determining the quality of the air mattress are the price. An excellent and durable air mattress will require you to spend more dollars as compared to a simple air mattress. Also, the material used to make the bed influences its durability. So, check for these features to ensure you buy a soft and comfortable mattress.


You can still use an air mattress and be able to enjoy a good night sleep since it works just like a standard bed. Therefore, use the above tips to guide you on how to use the mattress and also how to buy a quality mattress for these purposes.