Tips On Buying A Girl's First Bra

Buying a girl’s first bra can be tough and I am at that stage with Caitlin.  With Caitlin just turning 14, I was unprepared for the growth spurt she has had in her boobie area.  My sister and I were flat as a board and I actually didn’t really need a bra until after my oldest was born.  Bearing that in mind, I had no idea what I needed to know when I took Caitlin shopping.  I decided the best idea was to do a quick Google search and find the information I needed, this is what was recommended:

Tips To Buying Your Daughters First Bra

  • Talk About It: Before you head out to the bra store, you should open up the line of communications with your daughter about the issue.  Some girls cannot wait to get their first bra while others could care less.  Some girls want a bra when they don’t really need one, so you need to be sensitive to that. Take into consideration what your girl wants in a bra because she is the one wearing it, not you.  I had to hold back from telling Caitlin what bra she should have instead of what she wanted.
  • The Right Fit: The right fit is the number one priority when shopping for a bra.  If you don’t have the right size, it will be uncomfortable and she probably won’t wear it.  It is recommended that you take your daughter to the lingerie department in a major department or specialty store and have a professional measure her.  I tried to measure Caitlin and somehow got the size completely wrong.
  • The Right Style: While you are at the lingerie store, ask the sales person suggest a few styles that would be appropriate for a young girl.  Ask the sales person to bring several styles and open the communication between her and your daughter.  By doing this, your daughter can have input into what she wants while listening to what the professional thinks would work best.  I have a favorite company that specializes in a well-made bra at an affordable price with a staff who knows their business, which are bras.  Leading Lady has been a staple in the industry for more than 70 years when Frank Farino took two sewing machines and 4 accounts from his previous employer and built an empire that is now Leading Lady.

Bras That Fit

It is crucial you find bras that fit when you are looking to purchase one.  You need to find a company that not only knows how to fit a woman properly but that also offers a wide array of styles and sizes so there will be a bra for everyone.  I was lucky enough to receive a Leading Lady bralette in the spring and it is by far my favorite bra.  I rarely wear any other bra, which speaks volumes about the style and comfort of the bra.  When Erin approached me about reviewing a new style and I told her Caitlin was in need of her first bra, she suggested we do a mother-daughter review.  How genius is that!!  Erin proposed we try their Cotton Front-Closure Leisure Bra ($24.00) which comes in 7 colors and every size imaginable.  Caitlin was really excited to have a “grown up” bra like mommy and I must admit, it was really cute to see her so excited.  I love how comfortable the bras are from Leading Lady.  The soft cotton and wide straps are perfect for fit and comfort and you don’t get all those weird bumps showing through in your shirt like some bras do.  If you are looking for nursing bras or bras for full figured women, Leading Lady has them all.  If you want a great bra at a great price, Leading Lady is a wonderful place to shop.

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  1. I would love to try out the cotton front-closure leisure bra. Especially since they bill it as “the most comfortable bra in America”!

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