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Losing weight is a never-ending battle. Most people start the journey because they are unhappy with the way that they look. Nothing fits in the closet any more and when you look in the mirror you do not like what you see looking back. It is really hard on yourself esteem. Then you pile on the stress of stalling in your weight loss, relapses, and plain ol’ just being hungry. You deserve to feel good about yourself! You are on a journey to discover a new you! Here are a few tips I use when I am feeling down about myself.

Feel Good About Yourself While You Are Losing Weight

  • Celebrate Your Success So Far: Give yourself a mental pat on the back. You have started a journey many never bother to take. That in itself is awesome!
  • Pamper Yourself: Get a manicure or a pedicure. Take some me time.
  • Accept Compliments: When people tell you nice things, take it in, absorb it and say thank you.
  • Dress Appropriately: Wear clothing that fits the body you have now. Wear modest clothing that does not show every bump and bulge.

Modest Workout Clothes For Women

lgblack_baggy_yoga_pantsStarting back at the gym has made me realize I do not own many appropriate exercise clothes.  Most people who exercise at this gym are conservative, which is how I like to dress when I workout.  If you are in the market for some great looking modest workout clothes for women, then Kosher Casual is a store you will want to visit.  They have anything you would need to be dressed properly for a great workout, such as bike shorts, tops, yoga pants, capris, swim shirts, and more.  You will definitely arrive at the gym in comfort and style.

One of the items included in the workout line is an exercise skirt.  These are generally worn with a pair of pants such as capris underneath the skirt.  This allows for the flexibility of the pants, but the modesty of the skirt.  Their exercise skirts are A-line, allowing you more flexibility and freedom.  It is nice to have options other than the typical tank top and shorts when heading out to the gym.  Since the skirt looks like a traditional skirt, it can also be included in your casual attire.  It is perfect wear for running errands.

Kosher Casual actually manufactures a whole array of clothes for the office, school or corporation.  They have an adorable selection of modest clothing for girls. This is a great option for students who want or are required to wear modern school-appropriate clothing.  Kosher Casual takes the modest clothes line and adds a modern twist to their clothing, offering shirts with 3/4 inch sleeves, skirts that are knee length or longer, layering cloths, and more.  This modest line of clothes  can dress the professional in some fashionable business clothes, dress the student for school or just provide some great casual wear.  They do offer a few select items for men and boys. It is great to add a little modesty back to the wardrobe that has some fashion sense.

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  1. I like the T-Shirt Dress – 100% Cotton 3/4 Sleeve Knee Length – #1502, it’s super casual and trendy and would match with so much!

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