Finding The Right Exercise Shoes

Finding The Right Exercise Shoes

If you are a seasoned athlete or a novice, it is crucial in your finding the right exercise shoes. There are so many options out there and you can get overwhelmed if you aren’t sure what you should be looking for.  The shoes you buy for running are going to be completely different for the shoes you buy for your Zumba class.  In order to find the right shoes, you need to know what to look for.  I found some great tips and I wanted to share them with you.

  • Pick a sport:  When you are looking for shoes for tennis, you need side to side support.  When you are looking for running shoes, you would need more front to back support.  If you have a specific need and use them for the wrong sport, your feet are going to pay the price.
  • Buy shoes at night:  You should buy your shoes at the end of the day when your feet are swollen. If you buy them in the morning, when you haven’t been walking much, the shoes will be too small by the end of the day.
  • Leave some room: You need to have a thumbs width of distance between your big toe and the end of your shoe.  This will help you have less toe crunching pain.
  • Use a shoe finder: Many stores have the foot outline you can step on to get your shoe size. You do not want to use these when buying specific shoes for an exercise routine.  If you buy shoes online, you can answer a series of questions that will guide you to discover the perfect shoe for your needs.  You also need to find a company who has a reputation you can trust.  When I decided to lose weight and exercise, I went to one of the forerunners (hee hee hee) in the athletic shoe industry; Brooks Running.

Shoes That Are Comfortable And Stylish

Shoes That Are Comfortable And Stylish

When choosing the right exercise shoe, I want to find shoes that are comfortable and stylish.  If I am going to the gym, I want people to look at my shoes and think they look awesome instead of them thinking I really need to get some new shoes!  I want to tell you that for the first time in my life, I have found a pair of shoes that fit me like no shoe I have ever worn.  Derek at Brooks Running knows shoes inside and out and he guided me all the way in choosing my shoes.  I had never used a questionnaire to choose my shoes, but the shoe advisor at Brooks Running picked the perfect shoe for me.  I chose the Women’s Trance 11 in black/red ($140.00) for its “caterpillar crash pad” and the foam constructed saddle that hugs my foot like no other shoe I have worn.  The Trance 11 was named the Editor’s Choice in the Spring Shoe Guide, March 2012 issue.  These shoes are incredibly well-made, feel lighter than a feather and they look awesome!  I could not have been happier than I am and Derek took such good care of me.

One reader will win their choice of the Trance11 ($140.00) or the Ravenna 3 ($100.00) in women’s or men’s.

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  1. I don’t have a favorite product but I will say that I am in such a huge need for a good pair of running shoes. I have chosen not to update mine because I have put my running shoe fund into my boys christmas present fund and I am putting off my shoes until next year. I just know the ones I have right now are way to big and they love rubbing blisters on my toes but hey no pain no gain right? Thanks for this giveaway. 🙂

  2. I can not figure this all out,when I am asked for my e-mail address and password I give it and it is not accepted what do I do?????

  3. I can not figure this all out,I was asked for my e-mail and password and it tells me it is not accepted what do I do

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  5. i like the looks of the pure flow, and the trance 11 description really makes me want to try it, though the ravenna 3 would work for me too since i tend to over pronate. i’m a beginner too so i’m not all too sure what’s best for me. i do love the various color options to choose from in general.


  7. I’m already signed up for the Scott program – if I had to sign up thru you to get the pts, you can take my entry off. Thanks!(HollyC)

  8. Men’s Ravenna 3 – for my Hubby, who really needs some new shoes but won’t spend the $$ n himself sine our $ is short right now!!!(HollyC) Thanks for the chance, keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  9. My favourite Brooks product is the ladies trance running shoe…..please enter me in the contest. thank you!

  10. My favourite Brooks product is the ladies trance running shoe…..please enter me in the contest. thank you!

  11. I did the find your sole mate feature
    and it says I and Adrenaline GTS 12 are a match! I would love love to try these. I have a very very hard time finding WW shoes. I end up buying from a small pool of makers OR getting men’s shoes which are automatically wide.

  12. I really like the women’s Trance 11 in Gray/aqua. They look extremely comfortable for everyday exercise.

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