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Tips To Finding The Right Underwear For The Occasion

Finding The Right Underwear

Did you know there are millions of people who need help finding the right underwear?  A study held recently showed 60% of consumers are guessing what size underwear they need and often times they end up with underwear that doesn’t fit. Many of us are too embarrassed to return the package, so we throw $15 or more out the window.  An even bigger nightmare for women is choosing the right bra.  My sister worked in the lingerie department of a major department store and she said almost every woman had no idea what size bra they wore.  It was mind boggling how many customers would spend hundreds of dollars in lingerie they weren’t even sure they wore!  I decided to research online and find some tips on choosing the right underwear and I wanted to share them with you.

  • Color:  This is important when you are wearing something that may show through your bra and/or panties. When I was in nursing school, we had to wear our white scrubs and we were told to wear nude or blush panties instead of white.  We saw a girl who wore white panties (on purpose) and you could totally tell she was wearing them!!  The rule of thumb is light skinned women should wear the nude or blush and darker skinned ladies should wear a darker tan.

  • Size:  If your panties don’t fit, it makes for a really long day!  I will admit I have had those days where it seemed like I was constantly adjusting my panties.  My sister would walk up behind me and say “Hey Kelly, is your butt hungry?” and I would say “No, why?” and she would then say “Cuz your butt is eating your panties!!”  Ha Ha Ha, right?  Ok, so how to know what size.  You need to measure your waist and at the fullest part of your hips.  Jot these numbers down and compare your numbers with those on the back of the package or tag of the panty.  For bras, you need to measure around your rib cage right under your breasts, which is your band with.  Next measure around the fullest part of your breast and that is your cup size.
  • Occasion:  What are the panties for?  Every woman should have different styles of panties for different occasions.  For during the day, find a comfortable panty that breathes and covers your bottom well. For a dressy event, you should wear a panty that is close to the color or your dress.  If you have a tight fitting dress, you don’t want to wear a thong as it will show.  If you are planning a romantic evening with the love of your life, go for the pretty panties and bras that are in your size! Nothing says “Not sexy” when you are fidgeting with your underwear all evening!!  One of my very favorite lingerie companies is Curvy Kate, an extraordinary firm based out of England.  Curvy Kate specializes in the designing of bras for the bigger breasted woman.  These bras are not those over the shoulder boulder holders, that’s for sure!!


Underwear That Make You Feel Pretty

I am pretty sure that all of us want underwear that makes you feel pretty.  I have struggled with my body image and my being overweight for many years.  It is hard to feel pretty when you are carrying around an extra 80-100 pounds.  My husband is a saint because I have put that poor man through the ringer when it comes to my weight.  He has never said a thing about my size and tells me I am beautiful all the time.  I decided that while I am on my weight loss journey, I would try to wear something pretty that might make me feel pretty.  The gorgeous bra and panty set I received from Curvy Kate is called the Gia in Cherry/Blush.  The underwire Gia bra ($72.00) has the most beautiful latticework lace and a pretty crystal bow.  The Gia panty ($37.00) is a perfect complement to the matching bra. What I love most about the lingerie from Curvy Kate is how well they fit.  I honestly have never had a pair of panties or a bra fit me as well as the Curvy Kate products do.  I fell in love from the first time I received items from Curvy Kate and each time I have had the honor to review more, I just fall deeper and deeper in love.

One reader will in the Gia bra ($72.00) and panty ($37.00) in their choice of color, style and size

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