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Tips To Keeping Your Cat Happy

If you are a cat owner, I bet you are doing a great job keeping your cat happy.  I adore my Hazel Fantazel the fattest cat in the world and Meap a Leap, her much thinner sister.  We have watched them grow over the past 2 years and they have brought us a lot of joy.  I think it is only fitting to find ways I can keep them happy as well.  I have a new kitten, Fisher. He is a very curious cat! He is a special sort of breed, part Burmese and part Bengal. Since he is a special member of our family, I want to do everything I can to keep him happy, after all he likes to walk in the water!

Keeping Your Cat Happy

 Water: Water is an important staple for cats and not drinking enough can cause negative health issues.  You should keep the cat’s water bowl away from their food as most cats prefer this.  If you serve them at least one can of wet food per day, they will get much needed water from that as well.  I actually add water to my wet food so that it stretches the portions.

Litter Box: Make sure your little box is big enough for them to freely use the bathroom.  Many people buy the litter containers with lids and this is a no-no.  Cats do not like to be closed in while using the bathroom, so a lid should not be used.  I bought a large under the bed plastic storage container to give both cats plenty of space to do their business.  Make sure you keep your litter box clean every day or you may find some unpleasant surprises on the floor! Also, make sure the litter is unscented and clumping little is the best for your cat as well as yourself. Cat‘s Pride has a top secret “cat-mercial” coming out this month to show how ~genius~ the product is. They even got a cat to wear a lab coat. You can learn more here! I find the litter is lightweight, easy to clean & Fisher has no problems doing his business.

Provide Proper Equipment: Cats need their claws and they need to scratch. Contrary to what some think, scratching is actually a good thing.  When you kitty scratches, they are showing they are happy and content.  If they scratch while you are near-by, they are telling you that you make them feel happy.  Give the cats a sturdy place to scratch or they will go for the furniture every time! Find a nice and sturdy place for your cat to hide.  Cats are notorious for wanting to be alone, so you need to provide them a place they can feel safe doing so.

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  1. I like the KatKabin® Premium Combination that includes the KatKabin® DezRez, a washable KatKushion, a clip-on KatFlap door and a washable, fleecy Winter Warmer for added insulation

  2. My cats would love the KatKabin DezRez in forest green, along with the fleecy Winter Warmer! Thanks for the chance!

  3. The Double Door Kabin or the SkratchKabin cat bed cat scratcher. We have 7 cats so I would have to get something that everyone could enjoy!

  4. Love love love the ScratchCabin!! Would be perfect for my two cats. The kat cabin looks great, but I have indoor cats 🙂

  5. My Zellie and Phil would LOVE the sKratchkabin! One loves to hide and the other loves to scratch, perfect for both.

  6. My favorite product would have to be the Premium Combination KatKabin, although all of them look great!

  7. Premium Combination KatKabin, probably in blue (I would want purple but both my cats are boys so I don’t think they would appreciate that)

  8. My cat would simply love the KatKabin. What a great idea. The weather has been cold here in Florida and I could just see Patrick the cat snuggled inside and scratching away.

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