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Tips To Make Your Pet More Comfortable When Traveling

If you have a pet, you may or may not know how to make your pet more comfortable when traveling.  Even if your pup loves a good car ride, many dogs don’t do well on a long car trip.  When we take Ringo on the road, we make sure we have what we need to make him as comfortable as possible.  We usually don’t travel more than a few hours away but sometimes it can be as long as 8-10 hours.  When traveling to see the in-laws in FL, we wanted to take Ringo with us but weren’t sure how to prepare for it, so I did a quick search.  Here are some very logical and very smart tips:

Make Your Pet More Comfortable When Traveling

Visit Your Vet: Before you take a long trip, visit your pet.  You want to make sure your pet is in good physical condition before heading out on the road.  If there are any issues, your vet can let you know before you leave. If you are going to be on the road for a long trip, you can speak with your vet about a mild sedative to help Fido more content. Also, ask your vet for your pet’s shot records in case your pet friendly hotel requires them. It’s always a good idea to consider pet insurance, as well.

Pack Smart: Just like you, your dog needs specific items to make the trip easier on everyone.  The top items you need to pack are travel water and food bowls, poop bags, favorite toy and blanket, crate and cover and treats.  One of the coolest products you can buy is the portable bowls.  I love these things!  They are lightweight, convenient and fold flat when not in use.

Equipment:  There are some key items you do not want to be without on the road with your pooch.  Many states require your pet to be strapped in safely when traveling.  You can find seatbelts at any pet store and they are one of the smartest things you can buy.  This makes traveling with your pet safe for both you and them.  It is dangerous to drive with a pet on your lap and it is illegal in most states as well.  Be sure you have a nice and comfy carrier for your pet.  If you have cats, they will be much more comfortable in a carrier that is large enough for them to stretch and has enough padding.  If you are looking for a very well made and comfortable carrier, Sturdi Products is a fantastic place to look.  If you are traveling with your pet, they probably have exactly what you need.

Most Comfortable Pet Carrier

If you are in the market for the most comfortable pet carrier available, Sturdi Products has it.  When I was looking through the Sturdi Products website, I was impressed with the selection.  Even before the carrier came, I knew it would be perfect just from the picture.  I was sent the large SturdiBag ($89.95) and it is a beauty!  The SturdiBag can carry a pet up to 40 pounds, and is suitable for cats or medium breed dogs like a Jack Russell.  The SturdiBag is lightweight, is made extremely well, and has a very thick padding, strong zippers and nice and sturdy carrying straps.  Hazel and Meap were so interested in the SturdiBag that we didn’t need to coax them one bit. If you want a carrier or any number of excellent products for your pets, Sturdi Products is a fantastic place to fill your needs.

One reader will win a SturdiBag in the size and color of their choice, ($64.95-$94.95) depending on availability.

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  1. OMG My Benji looks like that kitty. He loves to travel but recently weve had to put him in his cage because he has panic attacks. His current cage we are using is falling apart and traveling across country is next to impossible without losing my mind. Would love to win this carrier!

  2. I love the Pet Carrier. I can see how handy it is to use instead of using the big crate when traveling on short trips

  3. SturdiBag™ divided extra large or Car-Go Double Pop-up Shelter these 2 are both awesome so couldn’t make up my mind!

  4. That SturdiBag is awesome. So are the water tight boxes. It would be so much nicer for the cats to travel in a nice soft comfy SturdiBag rather than a cold hard plastic carrier. I do love these!

  5. My babys name is Patch, he’s only 9 weeks old and 3 pounds and we would love to have this…We liked and shared … Oh this is Patch is in my facebook profile pic.. Thanks!!! Keeping fingers and paws crossed!!!!

  6. i love this ‘sturdybag’ pet carrier. my ‘boo boo’ (cat) would definately appreciate this on his next vet visit. i don’t have a carrier, and have been holding him on my lap…he’s not too happy with that, he hides in my jacket. we would love to win this. thank you for the chance!

  7. I bookmarked this link- I would like an Evergreen one:

  8. My favorite product is the Sturdibag large Elegance print (midnight garden) because it perfectly allows two cats to cozy up inside and travel safely with me under all circumstances. I agree with your blog about it being the very best pet carrier I have ever experienced!

    • Those neck wallets are very nice to have to keep your hands free for other travel items while keeping your money and essentials safe

  9. I love the hanging cat pyramid.

    If you’re interested I have 10 pet giveaways on my blog PetBlogsUnited.com

    Since you have so many awesome giveaways, I thought I’d let you know about mine 🙂

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