Tips To Organizing Your Desk At Home

I have gotten so much or my paper work all over the house that I decided I better look into organizing your desk at home. Before we got our desk, I was using any space available to work. I have a box filled with papers in my bedroom, one in the family room, and even one in the kitchen. It’s a wonder I was able to find anything! Now that I have a grown up desk, I decided to get some good tips on how to get organized. I know I will work much more productively and less stressed if I know where everything I need is located. Here are some great tips I found:

Organizing Your Desk At Home

  •  Get Rid Of Clutter: I have a habit of stealing pencils and pens and most of the time they end up in my pencil holder. The problem with that is I have now got so many writing instruments in my holder that you can’t get any out or in without a struggle. I know half the pens probably don’t work and the pencils are nubs, so the best thing to do is throw all of those away. Less clutter makes for less stress!
  • Have One “Junk” Box: You need to have one container that can hold your miscellaneous items like a stapler, tape, ruler, etc. If you can contain all of your desk accessories in one location, you are going to be able to work much quicker as you are not spending time looking for things you need.


  • Files: This is a two-fold suggestion; what to keep them in and where to keep them. You need to have a filing system that will accommodate all of your important papers. You also need to keep them in an accessible place so you aren’t jumping up and down every time you need to find a document. Every year, go through your files and shred any papers that are over a year old and you don’t need anymore.
  • In and Out Trays: I need to have a place to keep my paperwork that I have not used yet and therefore is not ready to be filed. I needed two trays that I could use to put my pending papers in and then my ready to be filed papers in. This way, if a sponsor is asking me questions, I can access the paperwork immediately. There is one place I love to get all of my organizational accessories and that is Ideastream Products. This company has everything you need to get and keep your home organized for good. They have a huge array of products that are well-made, good looking and long lasting.

A Place For Everything

A Place For Everything

My kids roll their eyes when I tell them there is a place for everything and if they put their things where they belong, they can find them. The problem with that statement is I was not following it myself and the kids were all too happy to remind me! I was so happy when Ben from Ideastream asked if I needed any organizing products. Well, his timing could not have been better as we had just gotten a desk the week before. Ben told me to choose a variety of items that would get my desk in perfect working condition. I chose several items from three of the companies they work with; Vaultz, Snap N Store and Find It Products. Here are some of the great items I received from each company:

  • Find It Products: I received (3) awesome tin pencil boxes ($6.99) with outstanding graphics like camouflage and colorful stripes.
  • Snap N Store: I love the products from Snap N Store for two reasons; they are cool and they look awesome! This clever design allows you to snap together your products and they can also unsnap and lay out flat for easy storage. I received (2) Magazine Files ($5.99), (2) In and out trays ($8.99), a legal size file box ($11.99) and hanging folders ($17.99), a letter sized box ($9.99) and hanging folders ($13.99) and I got Christ a large ($9.99) and a medium ($6.99) garage box for keeping his stuff in.
  • Vaultz: I LOVE the Vaultz products. Every product you get from Vaultz is the most incredibly sturdy merchandise you have ever seen and they all have locks!! LOVE IT!! I got each of the kids and myself a locking pencil box ($12.99) and a small ($7.99), medium ($9.99) blinged out index card box for each of the kids. I got myself a really cool smoky transparent box to keep all my misc. stuff in.

I love my desk! I have everything where I need it and it is right there! No more hunting down stuff I need and putting me behind schedule. The kids love their products from Ideastream as well. Caitlin has a desk in her room that she has set up with all of her new boxes and Henry has used his for all of his video games, styluses, batteries, etc. If you are looking for some very chic looking products that will get you organized, Ideastream is the perfect place to go!

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway…we like the Vaultz Acrylic Index Card Box, 4×6, Acrylic Smoke – Smoke Acrylic – Vaultz – VZ00211

  2. Locking Personal File Tote – Letter Size – White – White – Vaultz – VZ00170 is my favorite item I need.

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  3. I like their Vaultz Acrylic Index Card Box, 4×6, Acrylic Clear – Clear Acrylic – Vaultz – VZ00210 .

  4. I really like Vaultz Acrylic Index Card Box, 4×6, Acrylic Pink – Pink Acrylic – Vaultz – VZ00208

  5. I really like the Tab View Hanging File Folders, FT07033. The tabs are nice and big so you can easily see what’s in them.

  6. I like the Locking File Drawer – Black – Vaultz – I feel like my documents would be safe in something like that.

  7. The garage storage boxes are too cute! But I really love the disc binders, my hasuband could really use one for his IT business, always losing discs!

  8. I love the Letter-Size File Box, White – White – Snap-N-Store. I’d love to have one for each of the kids to store their important school papers.

  9. I think the Supply Caddy in black would certainly be a one place spot to find all those little items that can mess up a drawer.

  10. We could definitely use an assortment of the Garage Storage Bins in different sizes–a New Year’s project for us!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  11. I like the DVD/Game Lockbox – Black – Vaultz – VZ01047. afe and secure storage for all my movies and Wii games.

  12. O love the CD filing cabinets. We have a huge DVD collection and they would be perfect. We could put the discs in the CD filing envelopes and really cut down the amount of space they take.

  13. I like the Letter-size file box in the black scroll pattern. I’d love to store files in these – they’re so much nicer to look at than my beat-up old file cabinet. I also like the locking mobile file chest for important papers.

  14. I love the Vaultz Acrylic Index Card Box, 3×5, Acrylic White – White Acrylic – Vaultz – VZ00204

  15. My favorite is the Large Storage Box, Black – Black – Snap-N-Store – SNS01500. I could use a ton of these!

  16. I love the Supply Caddy Purple – Purple – Find It – FT07203 and Letter-Size File Box, Black – Black – Snap-N-Store – SNS01533-4!!

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  19. I like the Letter / Legal File Box, Scroll – Scroll Pattern – Snap-N-Store – SNS01835

  20. I like the Jumbo Magazine File, Black – Black – Snap-N-Store – SNS01637. It would be really nice to have this to help organize my items for college.

  21. I like the Tab View Hanging File Folders, 20-Pack, Assorted, Letter – Assorted – Find It – FT07034

  22. I like this one for my coupons
    Vaultz 2×4 Card File Ruby Bling – Ruby Bling – Vaultz – VZ00198

  23. I like the CD File Cabinet – 2 Drawer – Black – Vaultz and the Locking Mini Gadget Box, Ruby Bling – Ruby Bling – Vaultz

  24. I like this: Vaultz Acrylic Index Card Box, 3×5, Acrylic Blue – Blue Acrylic – Vaultz – VZ00202

  25. I really like the idea of have a box for the extra rolls of wrapping paper.. my favorite is the “Wrapping Paper Box, Ornament – Ornament Graphics”

  26. Locking Mobile File Chest, Letter/Legal, Black – Black – Vaultz – VZ01270

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