Tips To Stay Cool While You Sleep

Although it is not yet time for those warm months, I still need tips to stay cool while you sleep.  I have always been hot natured but I am getting more uncomfortable at night.  I am getting near the dreaded “M” word, but my doctor said I am not there yet.  If I am this hot at night now, I cannot imagine how I will be when the big “M” arrives.  I am afraid I will just spontaneously burst into flames or something!!  I am out of ideas on my own, so I did some research to see if I could find some easy tips to cool off a bit while I sleep.  I found some really easy suggestions and I wanted to share them with you.

Tips To Stay Cool While You Sleep

  • Air Circulation: If you do not have a ceiling fan, you need to get one.  You want to get some air circulating in your room and a ceiling fan works better for this than a stationary fan.  Along that same line of thinking, you can take a bowl of ice and place it in front of a small fan.  This will get some cool air going.
  • Sleep Positions: If you are a side or stomach sleeper, you are keeping heat inward.  The best position you can sleep in to keep cool is spread eagle, which allows air to circulate around your body.
  • Change Pajamas: You can buy cooling pajamas that will help you quite a bit and they are reasonably priced.  The fabric used is a wicking fabric that keeps moisture away from your body so if you sweat, you won’t have it sticking to you.
  • Freeze Bedding: Although you could freeze your sheets, which seems a bit extreme to me.  You could also freeze your pillow case but if you are hot natured already, that won’t last very long.  I recently found a great solution and it lies in a cleverly designed product called the Polar Pillow.  This handy invention can keep you cool while you sleep, which is exactly what I need.

Freeze Your Pillow

When I heard you could freeze your pillow, I must admit I was a bit skeptical.  I could only envision me putting my queen size pillow in the freezer and then sleeping on it.  I was quite relieved when I found this was not how it worked!  Nick Segal is the inventor of the Polar Pillow who had help from his entrepreneurial marketing partner Molly Lehnhardt.  Nick too was a hot sleeper who could not find a solution that could keep him cool and sleeping through the night,  When he didn’t find what he needed he decided to take measures into his own hands and design a product that would keep people cool so they could sleep comfortably.  The Polar Pillow ($99.00) is a simple product to use and actually does stay cool and keep you cool as you sleep.  You have the overall gel pillow and a separate freezer pack which goes into the freezer.  Once you are ready to go to sleep, you take the pack out of the freezer and slip it into your Polar Pillow.  My husband has been using the pillow without a case, but I prefer to use a pillow case.  I could not believe how cool the pillow actually stays while I sleep.  This is such a cleverly designed pillow and I just love it, I guess I will need to break down and buy the hubby one so he will keep his paws off of mine!

One reader will win a Polar Pillow ($99.00)


  1. Actually the Polar pillow was only rated 2 stars at Amazon, while the number one is Chillow. The Chillow Comfort Device was rated 4 and 5 stars from over 300 consumers. Plus the Chillow is cheaper than the Polar Pillow. I intend to buy the Chillow mini pillow for around $21.00 at the manufacturer which is

  2. Thanks Jennifer. I sent you an email, posted on Facebook. I think I did everything correctly. I am so happy to have won the PolarPillow!

  3. the polar pillow. My man would be really happy to have that !!! He’s always hot during the night

  4. The polar pillow is the only item I saw at that link, but regardless it would still be my favorite product. I’ve suffered from migraines for 20+ years now and often use a cool pack or other cooling item while I try to rest. Likewise if I get too hot while I’m sleeping it tends to trigger a migraine and I get hot easily which means at night time my house is cold. This polar pillow would be great….I wouldn’t have to keep the house so cool to sleep comfortably which would reduce electric bill and my step daughter wouldn’t say I’m trying to freeze her… Luckily my husband prefers to use lots of blankets and keep the house cool! But it would also be great to sleep on when I have a migraine, which lately is pretty often. So, I’d love to win this pillow. When I first started reading the post and you talking about freezing pillows, my first thought was how do I fit my huge pillow in the freezer….lol. Loved learning that it is sooo much simpler with the polar pillow…. Love this pillow and would absolutely love to win it. It would definitely get lots and lots of use! Thank you

  5. The polar pillow is the only thing I see on their site, so I guess it’s my favourite product1

  6. I only saw the one product but I would love to have that. I am always hot at night and that is a great idea.

  7. i think they only sell the pillow but it would be cool if they sold it in different shapes like a travel pillow as well. i like that it cuts down on sweating; i tend to sweat in my sleep.

  8. I only see the polar pillow but I would love it. I am 16 years past menopause and still get the occasionally get night sweats. I have two pillows and the bed to myself. I go back and forth and still might have to turn a pillow over.

  9. I am a chronic pillow flipper, and after years of suffering with wet, sweaty, hot pillows, the Polar Pillow would be a dream come true!

  10. The polar pillow is, plus it’s the only thing i could find on their site but it is definitely something that is cool “pun not intended”

  11. Would love the polar pillow to cool me down on the nights that I have hot flashes and get so hot I can’t cool down for a while.

  12. i would LOVE the polar pillow, I use a CPAP and in the summer, having something wrapped around your head gets especially hot so this would be awesome

  13. Polar Pillow is the only product I see too. If it can help me sleep through the night and stop my husbands snoring that would be awesome!

  14. The polar pillow is something I have needed for a long time. I can’t sleep when I am warm at all. (Hence freezing my bf out of the bedroom in -13 weather and I have a fan on.) When it gets too bad for me, I will take out an icepack that I use for my back and fall asleep on that. I bet the polar pillow is much more comfortable than that.

  15. my husband desperately needs a polar pillow! and i’m in the same boat as you…i’m sure i’ll need one soon 😉 what a great idea!

  16. As you said in the statement above, I too am approaching the “M” word and this pillow sounds like a dream!!!!!!

  17. I like the polar pack that goes in the pillow. My husband is always so hot and I am cold. Might keep us happily married!

  18. I love the polar pillow! I like the idea that it will stay cool all night, allowing for a better nights’ sleep.

  19. The Polar Pillow sounds amazing. to not wake up in the middle of a “tropical vacation” every night would be fabulous!

  20. Pretty sure I would go nuts for the Polar Pillow. I have HORRIBLE night sweats… anything that keeps any part of me cooler would be SO welcome!

  21. I’m also hot-natured, and I live in the Phoenix, AZ area. I’d really like to win this Polar Pillow- it sounds amazing!

  22. I would have to say that the Polar Pillow is my favorite product. I am a migraine sufferer and putting something cold on the side of my head is the only thing that provides some relief. This would be perfect!

  23. This sounds WONDERFUL! I used to love my cozy flannel sheets, etc…and now, I want to scream and run around the room naked…LOL.. to have 2 hours of coolness would be heavenly!

  24. The Polar pillow seems to be the only product, but it looks like it could help me from not feeling so tired all the time. We live in TX and it gets really hot, we use a fan, but sometimes, its not even enough!

  25. the polar pillow is my new favorite product…I have to flip my pillows all the time to get the cool side….this is genius

  26. I would love to have a polar pillow – looking at the testimonials on the web site it seems like it could totally revitalize my sleep habits!

  27. My favorite product is the Polar Pillow, because, in addition to helping you fall asleep faster, PolarPillow can help soothe headaches. I need that help!!

  28. The Polar pillow… Awesome. i am definitely a pillow flipper and this would be awesome… imagine the sleep I would get not waking constantly to flip my pillow… 🙂

  29. I love the polar pillow the best on that site. I like the ability to get it even colder with the freezer.

  30. I like the Polar Pillow! I like that it has the Polar Pack that you can freeze for an even colder nights sleep!

  31. I like the Polar Pillow! I like that the Polar Pillow keeps you cool for hours. I don’t don’t how many times I’ve woken up with a sweaty head lol! I like that you can remove the Polar Pak and make it colder by putting it in the freezer!

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