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Tired Of Unsightly Sweat Stains? Fight Back With SweatBlock

Smelly underarms are the pits. Okay, bad jokes aside they really do stink (that was the last one I promise). What I’m trying to say, without grade school humor getting in the way, is that living in the tropical paradise of southern Florida does have a few drawbacks, as unlikely as that may seem. For one, it can be unbelievably humid. There are days where I’m drenched in sweat for doing absolutely nothing and when I work out? I might as well attach a warning label  to my forehead.

It’s during these days that one must decide between using an entire stick of deodorant or showering a few times a day. When that isn’t possible I’ve taken to borrowing the kids wipes for a quick freshening. But now I have a much more convenient option  – SweatBlock. As you may have seen on the Rachel Ray show, SweatBlock stops sweat for up to 7 days with just one application. It’s perfect for people always on the go, who work out often, live in sunny Florida or if your case is more serious such as Hyperhidrosis. 

SweatBlock has been designed to be strong and effective but also formulated to be gentle. It reduces irritation and itch that occur when you’re constantly applying regular antiperspirant. The pre-soaked cotton pads just need dapped on once a week – no rubbing.

Because SweatBlock works so effectively people want to make sure it’s safe. The super ingredients in SweatBlock adhere to all FDA guidelines for antiperspirants! In fact, it contains many of the same ingredients in standard antiperspirants.

SweatBlock is the brainchild of a chemist who had his own sweat problem. After years of testing and adjustments SweatBlock became the product that it is, great to stop excessive sweating. You can order SweatBlock in 2,4, or 6 months supplies on sale for $15.99, $29.98 or $41.97 online. Plus, save 25% when you order 2 boxers, and 30% when you order 3 or more.

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