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To Implant or Not To Implant

I have wondered for years what it would be like to have breast implants. I’ve asked around about whether or not it is worth the pain and expense. Even as I approach my 40’s I find myself searching high and low for breast implants prices in the US. I usually find that even the lowest prices are still more then I can afford. I also have a concern about paying rock bottom prices and getting rock bottom prices results.

I’m not implying that the best deal in town won’t do as good a job as the most expensive procedure. It just seems that throughout my life experiences I have always gotten what I’ve paid for. I do realize, however, that I have found some amazing deals that were as good, and in a lot of cases even better, then the most costly items. Surgery though, ouch! This isn’t a deal on Tampax we are talking about, or a 75% off coupon for Vanilla flavored coffee. This is a doctor surgically implanting foreign objects into my chest.

I suppose after all is considered I’m happy with what I naturally have. My husband like them just the way they are. What I really need is to find the top breast implant surgeon in the US, and ask him if he would like me (and my husband) to review a pair for him. Wishful thinking I know.


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