toddler building blocks

Toddler Building Blocks

I was thrilled to be able to host a Mega Bloks Thomas and Friends party featuring Toddler Building Blocks. We had such a good time. We went to the park and played under the pavillions. The kids pictured had a great time; but the ones wandering around trying to share their toys with the homeless, I did not catch on camera. They were priceless pics, but I did not want to infringe on their rights by taking their pictures. You just have to love toddlers! The Mega Bloks were so fun to play with and the kids were entertained. We were sent Thomas at The Races for 12.99 and Diesel for 12.99 as well as a big play set of Day at the Diesel Works which sells for $42.99.

Christmas gift ideas for children under 5

As you can see in the video, you can connect some of the toddler building blocks to create sets that work together. These train sets will make great Christmas gift ideas for children under 5. I just love this age where they are so inquisitive with how things work, and like to pull things apart and put them back together. The Mega blok toddler building blocks do just that. They let your toddlers, pull apart toys they cannot break and try to figure out how to put them back together, and all of this is made even more enticing by having Thomas the Train and Friends involved.  Of course, all children under 5 love Thomas which makes for a great Christmas gift idea. Mega bloks are also just the right size for chubby toddler hands and the level of dexterity they have. This keeps them from getting frustrated by letting them have a sense of accomplishment when they can do it all by themselves. You can also mix and match the trains to create new friends. Well I suppose you could. My OCD kids like things in their place and put together properly. Thank you MommyParties for letting my neighborhood experience Mega Bloks Thomas & Friends!