Changing Roles For Women

Changing Roles For Women

As women become more and more independent, there have been changing roles for women.  I was raised by a busy single mom who hardly had time in the day to do everything on her “to do list”.  When I was probably 12 or so, my mom told me I would need to step up to the plate and help more around the house.  When you are independent women, you learn how to do the things that were strictly for men in the past.  I learned how to use a hammer, screw driver and level before I was a teenager.  It seemed I had a knack for fixing things up, so my mom let me be the “Maintenance Supervisor” in our home!  I loved putting up pictures, fixing a clog in the bathroom sink or putting up blinds in our bedroom.  When I finally moved out on my own at 18, I had a decent set of skills to help me in my living on my own.  As a house warming gift, my mom gave me a small toolkit that had the basics; hammer, tape measure, screw driver and level.  I used that tool kit for many years until I met my husband and married him and his bigger, better tool kit!

Tomboy Tools Tool KitNow that the lines between the genders has blurred over the years, the “honey do list” isn’t just for our partners.  If you are single or in a relationship, it seems more and more men and women are preforming the chores that were once reserved for one of the sexes or the other.  My husband LOVES to cook and I could care less, so he is the chef in the house.  My husband has no clue how to hang pictures or blinds or how to prepare a space to paint.  When my husband and I were first married, I had a few tools that were added to his already growing collection.  Now we have a really nice collection of tools to use around the house.  My friend Carol is recently divorced and she and her three kids are making it work with the four of them.  When she and her husband were dividing up their possessions, he took all of the tools and Carol was left empty-handed.  I found the perfect kit for her that would give her a great variety of tools.
Tool Kit For Women

Tool Kit For Women

The Tomboy Traveleris a 10 piece tool kit for women that includes all your basic tools as well as safety goggles and gloves.  These awesome pink tools are just perfect for any handy woman.  The sturdy canvas bag is roomy enough so that you can add more tools as you go along and it has a great zipper so your tools won’t spill out all over the place.  The tools from Tomboy Tools are very well made and the pink accents make it very stylish as well as handy!  The folks over at Tomboy Tools are just in it for the money!  This awesome company is the only provider of hands-on education as well as maker of quality tools.  When you empower women, they can do great things and all it takes is an open door for them to rise up to their full potential.  I cannot tell you how great it felt to give my friend her pink Tomboy Traveler (ARV $79.00).  Carol loves pink, so that was good, but she was also very grateful.  She is just getting by on her salary, so it was such a pleasure to give her something that I know she will put to good usle and that it will last her for years and years to come.
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  1. I fix everything around here when it breaks, fixed broken dryers, fixed broken walls, fix everything when it breaks thats if it can be fixed.

  2. love them all but the level and the 8v Impact Drill would be my favorite tools, the combo together makes for some great wood working projects to get the angles right/level & tight when pre drilling your holes and using good wood screws. This tennessee gal loves to work in her shop & would love some pink tools to enjoy so thanks! great giveaway from Tomboy Traveler

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  4. My favorite is the tape measure. This is always helpful when doing online shopping and seeing if measurements of item will fit.

  5. the power drill. dang it my guy and his pick up stole every tool in the house. the only way I’m ever going to get that picture hung is to win a drill.

  6. My favorite would be the screwdriver. My husband is in construction so all the screwdrivers in the house eventually get placed in his toolbox. When I need one, they are never there! This would be awesome, I don’t think he would take pink one !

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