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I have been lucky when it comes to being virtually free of skin problems. I did not have one zit on my face until I was in my early 30’s. Yes, I know! My mom has always had great skin and although in her 80’s now, she looks 65 if she looks a day. My oldest daughter has the same skin as me as does my younger daughter. I never have had issues with clothing irritating my skin or make up or anything like that. Now, Henry is a completely different story as he gets his skin from my husband. My husband will break out if he even thinks about wearing new clothes before I have washed them. Henry is exactly the same way and it also has carried over to his skin care products. I have driven myself crazy trying to find products that do not bother Henry’s skin. Finally, I found out about My True Nature, an amazing company who makes the best skin friendly products.

Top Bath Products For Kids With Sensitive Skin

Top Bath Products For Kids With Sensitive Skin

I trust products that are created by parents and with My True Nature, that is the case with their company and products. Like many family run companies, the My True Nature products began gaining popularity from family and friends and then the company grew by word of mouth. The products are 100% natural, so if you have a child with sensitive skin or even eczema, these products are perfect for you. Tubby Town was born of a cartoon for her own kids and grew into a make believe place where characters like Dewey the dragon, Daisy the skunk, Clio the teddy bear and Ollie the octopus live. In addition to all natural ingredients used in the products, the bottles they come in are eco-friendly and the bags the gift sets come in are as well.

Henry could not wait to get into the tub and try out his new bath products. We received the gift bag for boys which included a bottle of bubble bath, a bottle of 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, 2 washcloths and a squirting toy. The bubble bath really gets a good bubble bath going! There were bubbles for days and Henry hid underneath them and I had trouble seeing him! The washcloths are nice and soft and he had a lot of fun squirting me with his new toy! When we got out of the tub and dried off, his skin was so soft! I could not believe it and Henry even commented on how good his skin felt. I am totally sold on these products and now Henry loves getting into the tub so he can visit Tubby Town!

One reader will win a Tubby Time Set (one Bubble Bath and one 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner ($29.99)


  1. I like the Bubbly by Nature Bubble Bath. I think my kids would love it even more than me!

  2. I love the Dewey’s Natural Baby Bubble Bath. As I was growing up, I never got to use bubble bath because I would get bad rashes from it. With an all-natural baby bubble bath, I hope my daughter won’t have the same reaction

  3. I like the The Squeaky Clean and “Beary” Soft Set is the ultimate clean and soft experience.

  4. I would love to try the bubble bath! Bubble baths are so much fun, but I worry about my daughter’s skin being irritated.

  5. I am eager to try all these products for my super sensitive (diabetic) skin.

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  6. I love the Ollie’s Super Sudsy hand soap. I try to keep either FUN soap or fun SMELLING soap here for the grandkids but there’s not a lot out there directed towards children in the hand soap arena.

  7. I really like the bubble bath.bubble bath you buy in stores have harsh ingrediants that lead to skin irritations.i find in little girls bubble baths using store bought gives them infections.

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