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Top Boot And The Fashion Styles They Go Best With For Fall

Boots That Are In Style

Now that the chilly weather is here, it is a good time to check out what boots that is in style this season.  I love, love to wear boots with just about any outfit.  There is nothing better than wearing a pair of your comfortable jeans with a pair of comfortable boots!!  It just makes you feel like you are ready for the cold weather ahead!  My other favorite is to wear a cute pair of boots with leggings and a long sweater.  So dang cute!!  I have checked out the style pages for what boots go best with what clothes that are hot this year and here is what they are saying:

  • Ankle boots are hot right now and the latest trend is to wear them with slouchy socks or tights and a cute skirt or a sweater dress.  You don’t want to cover these cute boots with a long skirt, so show off those legs of yours!!
  • Thigh high boots are a very stylish choice and they are best paired with a pair of skinny, skinny jeans or with a short skirt and sweater tights.
  • High heeled boots are replacing pumps this season and they look great with a full skirt.  There is something really care free about being able to twirl around in a full and light skirt with some cute footwear to balance the look.

Cowboy Boots That Are Comfortable

Another trend this season is wearing western cowboy boots that are comfortable.  Have you ever bought a pair of cowboy boots with the classic pointed toe and founds them impossibly torturous? If I am going to spend the money on a good pair of cowboy boots, they have got to be comfortable or they will sit in the back of your closet.  I was offered a sweet pair of cowboy boots from a great company; Nocona.  This company was started way back in 1925 by Enid Justin, who was carrying on the tradition of selling high quality western boots in their local town.  In the late 1800’s, H.J. “Daddy Joe” Justin started making the finest crafted boots that became popular, much in part because of their attention to detail and fine stitching.  At the age of 12, Enid began working with her father, which made her the logical choice for heading up the company when Daddy Joe passed away.  In 1981, the Nocona Company was bought by Justin Industries, who still make the classic Nocona boots.  I was offered the Vintage Tan Cow cowboy boots ($174.00) and I was astonished at the fine craftsmanship of these boots.  The moment I saw them, I knew exactly why Daddy Joe had such a following for his boots back in the day.  These boots are made with the softest leather and the stitching is done in a complimentary blue and off-white thread that adorns the entire boot.  I could not believe how incredibly comfortable these boots are.  I decided to wear them to a doctor’s appointment to break them in and I kept waiting for that moment when you realize there is a blister, but it never came!!  I have not one blister or sore spot on my feet from wearing these boots all day. If you are looking for a stylish and comfy boot, you cannot go wrong with Nocona boots!  You can find the Nocona line of boots at the Horsetown online store.

One reader will receive a pair of the Vintage Tan Cow ($174.00) in their choice of size.


  1. i really want one of every pair!!! but if i have to choose, i like the tan vintage cow ones the best…or the soft red ice….argh!! who can decide on just one pair?? lol

  2. The Old West Tan Ladies Boot is definitely my favorite product!! I have always wanted a pair of cowboy boots that stood apart from everyone else’s and I finally think that I found them!! 🙂

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