Top Fashion Trends Of 2014

It is a fun time in my life right now because I have a teenage daughter. I know some of you may be raising your eyebrows right now if you happen to have a teen girl in your home. Yes, they sure can be a handful, it is fun to see them grow and develop into young women. The things I did as a teenager which I have forgotten, come back when I see Caitlin doing them. I was, and still am, a big talker and would be on the phone all the time. If you are looking for Caitlin, just pop your head in her room and she is either on her iPhone or iPad. She is also a budding fashionista and is into all the latest trends in fashion. I am preparing to go shopping for her school clothes and wanted to see what was hot this year. Here are just a few of this years top looks:

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5 Fashion Trends Of 2014

  1. Fringe: It is funny to see fringe has made a comeback when this was something my mom wore all the time when I was a younger. You can find fringe purses, jackets, boots and more in a variety of colors.
  2. Nude: I am not telling you to get naked! I am talking about the color! Nude is very big in fashion right now in just about every area you can think of. Nude clothing, accessories, jewelry and shoes is super hot right now. As a matter of fact, if you were to wear them all together in one nude outfit, it would be totally appropriate.
  3. Metallic: Anything metallic is really big in fashion this year. If you pair a metallic gold handbag with a cute pair of gold shoes, you have a hit on your hands. You will not go wrong with silver, gold, bronze, or pewter.
  4. Tech: The world of technology and fashion have really combined this year. Gone are the days when wearing your headphones in public was a bad thing! You can find some gorgeous tablet and phone cases, headphones, portable chargers, flash drives and more.
  5. Wood: Wood has become one of the top fashion trends of 2014 and I am not surprised. I have been fascinated with wooden accessories which include clutches, watches and jewelry.


I recently received one of the most beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry I have ever owned. Joyo is a modern and eco friendly jewelry design shop owned by Jenn Liddiard. Jenn makes gorgeous laser cut jewelry in her studio located in Sciuate, MA. Jenn has a background in art history and graphic design, which came as no surprise to me. My daughter Chelsea has a degree in graphic design and she is very creative. Jenn gleans her inspiration from such interesting areas as architecture, museum and our beautiful world of nature.

It is lightweight and is adjustable for virtually any wrist size. This is one of those pieces of jewelry you can wear with jeans and a tee or your little black dress. It is already one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and my daughter and I are constantly fighting over who gets to wear it! Jenn also makes breathtaking laser cut necklaces and earrings. Be sure to follow Joyo on Pinterest to stay current with all of Jenn’s latest designs. One USA reader will win one Leaves Cuff ARV $65.

What is your favorite fashion trend of 2014?


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