Top Five Alternatives To Candy At Easter For Kids

I have two kids, one of whom loves candy and the other who would rather eat raw carrots. Ironically, I have a terrible sweet tooth and my husband hates anything sweet. I guess it would make sense we would have kids who were split on the subject of candy, cakes and other sweet treats. Last year Caitlin wasn’t able to go out for Halloween,  so my husband took Henry out.  When they got back home, Henry said he had a great time and handed over his stash to Caitlin and went to bed! I know, right?! So, Easter is around the corner and we will have the same situation: one kid who hopes for chocolate eggs while the other would rather eat the hard boiled eggs we colored. This year I decided to find some suggestions for things I could put in the Easter basket instead of candy. Here are just a few of the ideas I found:

  1. Stickers: Kids love stickers and there are always s ton to choose from during this holiday. You can find faith related stickers,  glitter stickers, fuzzy stickers, shiny stickers and even stickers that are holograms. Needless to say, stickers are easy to find!
  2. Books: There are so many options for books depending on your child’s age and likes. My kids love word searches as well as short stories. I usually am able to find a few books that have several activities in them that the kids will enjoy.
  3. Bath Fun: What kid does not love a good bubble bath? Throw in some colors or fizzies and you have a very happy (and clean) child.
  4. Sidewalk Chalk: With Easter comes pretty weather and what a better way to spend it than outside coloring pictures of eggs on the driveway!
  5. Healthy Snacks: Just because I don’t want to give the kids chocolates and candy does not mean I want them to have no snacks or treats. Fresh or dried fruit is always good as well as pretzels or string cheese. My kids love snacks that are crunchy, so this Easter I am going to be giving them a variety of yummy snacks from The Good Bean. This company has taken an ordinary chickpea and has made it extraordinary with some of the most delicious flavors!

Alternatives To Candy At Easter

I was first introduced to the chickpea (or garbanzo bean as she called them) by a friend in high school that always piled them on her salad. I liked them for the flavor and when I found out how nutritional they were, I was soon piling them on my salad! The chickpea is a plant that can be found in countries like Australia, India and Mexico. The chickpea has been eated for thousands of years for their taste as well as for their sustaining properties. At The Good Bean, they use a type of chickpea called the “Desi” which is packed with fiber, plant protein, and half the carbs of the typical chickpea you will find on salad bars, in cans and in most varieties of hummus. I love the Desi for its antioxidants as well as the low glycemic index as diabetes does run in my family. The Good Bean offers 4 flavors of the Desi: Cracked Pepper, Sea Salt, Chiplote and Lime and Sweet Cinnamon. I am in LOVE with the Sea Salt and the kids have already gobbled up the Sweet Cinnamon. They are crunchy, delicious and filling, which is great for my diet. The absolutely divine Fruit and No Nut bars from The Good Bean include chocolate and berry, apricot coconut and my favorite, the fruit and seeds trail mix. I can have one of the bars for my afternoon snack and not be hungry for dinner for several hours. All of the treats from The Good Bean are completely natural, healthy, filling and most important of all: yummy! You can purchase the products from The Good Bean online.

One reader will win 2 of each flavor of the chickpea snacks as well as of the fruit and no nut bars (ARV $38.00)


  1. my favorite product is the fruit and seeds trail mix bar it looks delicious! i am really excited to try all these wonderful snacks!

  2. I really like the Angel Soft Triple rolls. They seem to last for just the right amount of time in this household.

    • Oops! I got my web pages mixed up! I would really like to try Smoky Chili and Lime flavor Chickpea Snacks. They sound delicious!

  3. I love the The Good Bean Smoky Chili & Lime flavor

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  4. I’ve never tried them before.I’d like to try the Sea Salt Chick Peas.Sounds like a good crunchy snack.Thank you 🙂

  5. I much prefer a savory item to a sweet–If I eat out I’ll alway opt for the cheese course
    instead of cake. I love the flavor of chili and lime together–just hope it is not too
    artifical. Alot of manufacturers over do the citric acid when trying to recreate a citrus
    flavor. Really intrigued by these I make roasted chickpeas myself–really easy to

  6. I’d like to try the The Good Bean Fruit & No-Nut, Fruit & Seeds Trail Mix Bar.

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