Top 5 Housewarming Gift Ideas

My oldest daughter is moving into an apartment and I wanted to get her a gift. Last year Chelsea started collecting things that had mustaches on them. For Christmas, I got her a notepad, socks and a mug that had mustaches all over them. She got a really big kick out of it and I was happy to see her enjoying them so much. Now that I am looking for something for her new apartment, I wanted to find  the perfect gift. Here are the top 5 housewarming gift ideas I found:

  1. Gift Basket: A gift basket filled with unusual cooking oils and spices or great smelling oils and soaps for the bathroom are perfect.
  2. Monogrammed Gift: A monogrammed ice bucket, towels or a serving platter would be a much welcomed unisex gift.
  3. Candles: A collection of candles in various sizes and scents are a lovely gesture and are sure to be used often.
  4. Greenery: A plant, flowers or a small tree for a new homeowner are perfect for adding life to a room.
  5. Welcome Mat: Who wants dirty carpets right after they move into a new place? Giving a welcome mat is perfect for a new home. I thought a welcome mat would be perfect for Chelsea and I found exactly what I wanted from a UK company by the name of thabto.

Housewarming Gift Ideas

I have a quirky sense of humor and love giving and receiving gifts that are unusual. I want to give a gift that when other people see it are drawn to asking where it came from and where can they get one! So, once I decided on the doormat, the next thing to do was find one she would love. When I saw the products from thabto (two heads are better than one) and how quirky they are, I had to have something! Well, guess what I found? A mustache doormat! Could anything have been more perfect for Chelsea than that? Let me tell you this is one of the finest quality doormats I have ever seen. It is made of all natural coir, which is made from the husk of a coconut. Chelsea is going to absolutely love her ‘stache mat and I cannot wait to see her face when she opens it!

Thabto got its start back in 2008 when they launched their Knuckle Duster mug, which is a hilarious coffee mug with brass knuckles as the handle. Steven and James, two friends who met in product design class at Central Saint Martins, London in 2006, went into business together. They had consulted with several companies on various projects and realized that great minds thought alike and formed a partnership. The two have been creating unusual products that people are just loving and their success continues to grow.
One reader in the USA, UK or Canada will win a Mustache Doormat (approx. $38.42 USD)


  1. I love the mood mugs.I need the moody ones for my teens and the stressed for me lol.

  2. I really love the Lex, Seth & Carrie, the evil tea, sugar and coffee storage jars
    Thank You for the chance to enter

  3. Lex, Seth & Carrie, the evil tea, sugar and coffee storage jars have sneaked their way into the Thabto range! these are so cute thanks for this opportunity

  4. I really like the Bum Bag Drinks cooler…it would be perfect for tonight!I live by the track and its the night before the Indy 500!

  5. I like the “Mood Mugs” – no reason my family should have to guess my mood – let them watch me drink my coffee, and they’ll know!

  6. I really like the magnetic moustaches, they would be fun to have on the fridge or even teens lockers!

  7. I like the buckle up keyholder. I always lose my carkeys, so this would make it easy.. come home, clip it up… leave and I know exactly where I put them. Love that idea. witty and cool looking. that’s a very cool site, I have saved it to favs, to check out more later.

  8. I like the mustache doormat and my daughter collects mustache items too. She even had her profile picture on facebook for awhile where she is wearing a mustache, lol!

  9. Haha! Love the Mood Mugs, though I would be using the same grumpy one every morning until my coffee was consumed!

  10. I love the mood rugs…oMG love the mustache rug awesome!!

    thanks for an opportunity to win

  11. I think the Looking Good sunglass mirror is cute , my oldest granddaughter would love that.

  12. OMG, I love ALL of them!! If I have to pick one, I’d say it’s a toss up between the bum bag drink cooler and the knuckle buster coffee mug. 🙂

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