Top Five Summer Shoe Must Haves

Well summer is here and it is time to stash love winter boots and shoes into storage. Your poor feet have been hibernated in those stuffy shoes for months and now it is time to unleash them into the wilds of summer! Which shoes are you going to be pulling out of summer storage to wear? Do you know which shoes from last season are still in style this season? I never know which shoes to keep and which shoes to pitch, so I decided to find some help. Here are the top five summer shoe must haves according to the fashion experts:

  1. Ballerina Flats: I love this shoe because they can go from the beach to a night out quite easily. With so many different materials and patterns, you can get a pair for just about every mood!
  2. Wedges: You cannot go through a summer without the obligatory wedge! These look just as great with a cute summer dress as they do with a nice pair of shorts and a sheer summer top.
  3. Clogs: I absolutely love clogs and have several different styles in my closet. When I was in nursing school, I did not wear anything but my clogs because they are so darn comfortable.
  4. Sandals: If I had to guess, most everyone reading this post has got a handful of sandals in their closet. What is hot this season is the gladiator style, metallic hues and flip flops with charms.
  5. Sneakers: Who does not have an affection for a classic pair of sneakers? These versatile shoes are great for the beach, riding a bike, chasing the kids in the park and just about anything else you can think of. One of my favorite shoe companies that sells a darn good sneaker is ANI (As Nature Intended).

Summer Shoe Must Haves

My kids and I spend a lot of time outside, either in the yard or at the local park. I love being outside in the fresh air and running and chasing each other. The kids laughter seems to just hand in the air like a sweet perfume or something! While I am on my weight loss journey, I have been walking for exercise. Since I tore two ligaments in my foot last Thanksgiving, that is the only exercise I have been able to handle. The park has a great walking trail, so I love to have the kids with me while we walk after dinner. The most comfortable pair of sneakers I have worn for walking are those I was sent from ANI.

All of the shoes from ANI are as vegan and eco-friendly as they are so comfortable. The canvas is 100% organic and they use recycled packaging. With the shoes from ANI, they have made a shoe that is more like being barefoot. They have found that most shoes are made for the foot to conform to. With the shoes from ANI, their shoes conform to your feet and are more like being barefoot. With shoes that are made for barefooting (as nature intended), you get a more natural fit. This enables your feet to be in a more natural position and therefore you are walking in a more natural state. I absolutely love these shoes and I know you would as well! You can purchase the shoes in 8 different colors from their website for $64.99.

One USA reader will win one pair of ANI shoes in their choice of color ($64.99), based on availability.


  1. I like the ANI originals in white/white. They look so comfortable, but are stylish enough to wear with almost any outfit or occasion. 🙂

  2. I love the ANI Originals – Black / Black. Super cute and I love how comfortable they sound. I am having so many problems with my feet!

  3. I like the black / black or the black / blue the best, I am not sure which ones lol hard to decide.

  4. ANI Originals – White / Red
    My favorite thing is their philanthropy statement that for every shoe sold they give one to someone in need. Nice!

  5. I like the ANI Originals – Black / Red

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  6. I Love the Original Ani Whites. And I really need some! We had a house fire and all I have is the dingy old torn sneakers I was wearing at the time. Hope I win these <3 and Thanks for the Chance!!

  7. Wow, do these look comfortable! And so nice that they are 100 % organic. I love the black pair!

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