Top Five Tips To Protect Yourself Online

This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChicEven though we may not want to think about it, we are at some sort of security risk every day. The threats can range from the very minor to the very serious. We may not be able to avoid the risks 24/7 and 365, but we can take steps to protect ourselves most of the time. We lower our risks by being smart and savvy to keep the bad guy away from us. We do our best not to leave even an inch of an opening to let our guard down and put ourselves in harm’s way. This is why we lock our doors, keep our kids close, use passwords online and other security measures. Do you ever think about protecting yourself online as much as you do your physical self? Many of us do not, but it is just as big of a risk as being mugged or having our homes broken into. Here are the top tips to keep yourself safe when you are on the Internet:

  1. Passwords: We all have passwords to keep the boogeyman away from our accounts but did you know you lower your risk if you change your password every 30 days? Use a mix of letters and numbers and be sure to use something no one but yourself would know.
  2. Emails: You may think your emails are safe, but it is one of the top ways a thief  or virus can worm their way into your online life. Never send sensitive information through an email, even if you think you trust the person asking.
  3. Shopping: When you shop online make sure the company offers secure technology at checkout. If they do not or you are not sure, do not give them your financial information. That great sale will not amount to much if you get your credit card hijacked in the process.
  4. Phishing: Phishing is an online scam to get you to reveal your pertinent information to hackers and thieves. They will appear like a legit business through an email or IM and ask you to click through a link to get to their website. Once you click on the link, it will be a fake site and they can get to your personal information. To avoid this, never click through a link, but cut and paste the link into another tab and verify the company is for real.
  5. Protection Software: One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect yourself online is to download an excellent software. This software is like having an online body guard for your private information. One of the best available is Norton by Symantec.


When you use online protection software like Norton by Symantec, it is like having a security system for your home. When you have a security system monitoring your home, you have the peace of mind someone is watching and keeping your house safe. With online protection and anti-virus software from Norton, you get the same peace of mind for your computer. This software is easy to download and once it is installed, it keeps track of activity on your device. It protects you from infected and dangerous downloads, lowers your PC start-up time and boosts its performance and will alert you about scams and suspicious content and activity.

If you have kids, you can tap into the parental control features on the Norton software. This will allow you to keep the kids safe while they are online as well. If you are on social media, Norton can help protect you from potential threats and scams which can come through your news feeds. These features are just a few of many Norton offers and you can see the full scope on the Norton website. To protect you even further, Norton offers this protection for your other devices as well. With the Norton Multi-Device package, you can protect your tablet, smartphone and other mobile devices. Now that you are ready to buy the software for yourself, you can find a great online deal from Right now, you can buy the Norton by Symantec for only $49.99, when you use the $40 offer.

How do you protect yourself when you are online?