Top Wireless Devices For Your Home

It is crazy how technology has taken over many areas of our lives. I am sitting here looking around me and I am cracking up! Within a 5 foot radius of where I sit, I have 2 laptops, 2 tablets, 3 smartphones, 2 speakers, 3 remotes and a handful of chargers and cords. It brought me back to when I bought my first desktop computer in 1997. That thing had so many cables and wires, I had no idea what went where and how I would ever get it working!  Now I am working on going as wireless as possible in my home because it is so convenient. If you are striving for the same, here is a list of the most popular wireless devices for your home:

5 Ways To Go Wireless In Your Home

5 Ways To Go Wireless In Your Home

  1. Wireless Router: I cannot imagine how I would get by without my wireless router! Without it, my entire family would be tied down to a modem, which I guess would be one way to make sure we got more family time!
  2. Wireless Printer: The first time I used my wireless printer, I was flabbergasted! I imagine I felt the same awe people felt years ago when electricity was first introduced into their homes!
  3. Wireless Speakers: I listen to music a lot and wireless speakers have completely changed my life!  Before, If I wanted to hear music in another room of the house, I had to disassemble and reassemble my stereo system. Now I just pick up a wireless speaker that fits in the palm of my hand and I can listen to my tunes wherever I am.
  4. Wireless Gaming Controllers: My kids, especially my son, are huge gamers. Henry plays on the Xbox with friends from all over the world. He gets very animated when he plays, jumping, dancing, spinning and moving all over the room. When your controller is tethered down to your gaming system, all that movement makes for the inevitable falling on the floor of the Xbox. Now we have gone wireless with our controllers, Henry can move all over the place with no fear of breaking his gaming system. Now furniture, lamps and other decor is another story!
  5. Wireless Media Streaming Player: In order to save money on a huge cable bill, we prefer to stream Netflix or Hulu Plus through the TV. We can watch so many shows and movies for almost $150 less a month than with cable. With a wireless media streaming player, we can stream video, music, movies and shows on any TV, in any room.  Gone are the days when we had to unhook all those cables and then hook them back up in another room. What a pain in the neck!


Do you want to know what is way cooler than any of the wireless devices on my list? Owning one that is multi-functional! I was already a huge fan of the products from iLuv as evidenced by my many reviews including How To Wake Up Your Teenager and Working Out Quotes To Keep You Inspired. When I found they had products which combined wireless technology into one device, I was completely intrigued! The new MobiRock™ from iLuv can wirelessly stream music and also charge your Qi enabled smartphone. This product must have been made with me in mind because I listen to my music on my smartphone and I always forget to charge my phone. I hate it when I am rocking out to one of my favorite songs and my phone dies right in the middle! Well, with the incredibly convenient and very innovative MobiRock™, I will never lose power or sound again!

The MobiRock™ gives you amazingly high quality sound with its jAura® technology and full-range speakers.  The jAura® Technology allows the listener to hear their music with truly exceptional clarity and balance. It is NFC-enabled so you get the convenience of Bluetooth technology. It also has great features like backlit, touch-sensitive controls and a modern flared shape, which makes the MobiRock™ as functional as it is beautiful. The Qi wireless charging technology powers up your phone with no annoying and clumsy cords. All you do is place your phone in the cradle it gets a fully powerful charge in no time! I am in love with my MobiRock™ and the only problem I have with it is how it keeps disappearing on me. It seems my teenage daughter is equally enamored by the  MobiRock™ and believes it looks “way better in her room” than it does in mine! You can purchase the MobiRock™ from the iLuv website for $200. Be sure to stay current with all the latest products from iLuv by following them on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Which device would you find most helpful in going wireless in your home?


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