Top Gaming Accessories For Your Playstation

In the world of gaming, there are those who play for fun and those who are a bit more serious. These are the players who are up all night battling their arch nemesis through their gaming systems. These are the players who fill themselves with cup after cup of coffee the following day to get through work. Once that time card gets punched, they are in the car and heading home to the sanctuary of their gamer heaven and the cycle begins again. Because the market is flooded with accessories for the gamer on your list, it is difficult to know what the must have items actually are. The prices range from very reasonable to completely unreachable and from the efficient to the obtuse. How do you choose? Here are just 4 tried and true items everyone with a Playstation would love to have:

4 Accessories For Your Playstation pin

4 Accessories For Your Playstation

  1. Steering Wheel: If you have a gamer who loves the realistic and ultimate driving experience, you need a steering wheel. A good driving wheel will let your gamer feel every bump, turn and treacherous curve in the road. Try to find one with leather grips because they give a more realistic look and feel and are most comfortable. Many are compatible with your old PS2 system.
  2. Wireless Remote And Charging Base: No gamer wants to be tied down with a wired controller. A serious gamer needs to have the ability to move freely about their gaming space. Do not forget the essential charging base for the controller.
  3. Blu Ray Disc Remote: Even the most die hard gamer will take a break once in a while to watch a good flick. Instead of using their controller, they will appreciate this remote that allows them to watch movies, surf the web, and browse the PSN store.
  4. In Ear Earphones: If you have ever played your favorite PS game for any length of time with a pair of over the head headphones, you know how heavy they can be. You are sure to get a headache after an all night session of game playing with this albatross. Save your head and get yourself a pair of in ear earphones like those from Nixeus. These are an absolute must have on the list of top gaming accessories for your Playstation.


Whether you are a gamer, listen to music or movies on your mobile device or want hands free talking, you need a good pair of headphones. With the In-Ear Earphones from Nixeus, you get a comfortable and ergonomical design that allows extended wear. With the unique interlock in the ear and a noise isolating sound, you get an audio experience like you have never had before. With their full-range audio you get the crisp and clear sound you deserve from a pair of earphones. At just $40 on the Nixeus website, you can get a pair of the ER-BKIn Ear Eaphones for the gamer, music lover and even audio professional on your list.

Nixeus Technology got their start in 2009 because they wanted to offer consumers the most innovative multimedia solutions on the market. The company was formed by a group of folks who have a vast knowledge in digital network media and A/V peripherals. This means you get some kick butt products for your listening experience you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. Be sure to follow Nixeus on Twitter and YouTube.

Which of these top gaming accessories for your Playstation would your gamer most enjoy?


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