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Top Gifts For Any Occasion

I am pretty good at giving gifts to those who are closest to me. Chelsea, my oldest, loves art and music and unusual jewelry, so shopping for her is pretty easy. My husband is all about sports and golf so I can buy him 18 holes and a new gold towel and he is happy as a clam. Henry only likes to play on the Xbox, so that is a no brainer and Caitlin is much like Chelsea, just on a less mature level. It is those other people that I do not know as well that can trip me up! When it comes to teachers gifts, something for a house warming or any other person I do not know well is when I get frazzled. I decided I would begin collecting items that would make good gifts for any occasion. This way I could just go into the grab bag and I was good to go! Here is a list of the top suggestions for that:

  • Beverage Gifts: If you have a coffee or tea lover on your list, they would love a nice cup with a favorite brand of their beverage of choice.
  • Food Gifts: For the foodie on your list, keep on hand some nice chocolates, unusual spices or cooking oils or perhaps a gift card to a favorite restaurant.
  • Household Gifts: For the hostess on your list, a pretty serving tray, cutting board or serving bowl is perfect.
  • Pampering Gifts: If you have a hardworking person on your list that needs some TLC, a bottle of nice massage oil, a candle and a nice bar of soap is perfect. If this is the gift you want to add to your stash, be sure to see what Agraria has to offer.

Gifts For Any Occasion

I have already set aside a space in my closet where I am beginning my collection of go to gifts. I love knowing that instead of running to the mall every time I need a gift, I can just reach in my closet. Most of my girlfriends say they always love getting bath and body items for gifts. Many of them work and have kids to take care of, so a nice soak in the tub with a fragrant candle burning is perfect for them. That is why I love the products from Agraria because they have so many lovely gifts for any occasion. I was sent the gorgeous Lemon Verbena Woven Crystal Candle and the Lemon Verbena Luxury Bath Bar. These two items will take you to the most relaxing place you can get while in your bathtub!

Agraria has been in business since 1970 when they opened their Taylor Street shop on Nob Hill.  The shop included antiques, books, and one-of-a-kind gifts as well as potpourri, candles, incense, sachets, and bath & body products. Their unique packaging sets them apart from all the other copy cats on the block! They have been using hand woven palm leaf boxes since 1980 to encase their beautiful products. Even their Woven Crystal Candles has a woven case and lid, making it so beautiful you almost do not need to wrap it! Their products have become so popular that you can see their bath and body items in the InterContinental Hotels and Resorts! You can purchase the Agraria products from their website including the Crystal Woven Candle which sells for $55.00 and the Luxury Bath Bar which sells for $20.00.


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