Great Gifts For The Baker Who Has Everything

I think people do more cooking in the last three months of the year than almost all the others combined! We are cooking huge meals for family and friends and baking treats for our sweet tooth. If you are the cool in the family, you are spending more time in the kitchen cooking and baking than in any other room! If that is the case, I hope you have the right tools to make your job easier and more enjoyable. If you are a cook or need great gifts for the Top Chef on your list, Architec Products are unbelievable!

Gifts For The Baker Who Has Everything

Make Cooking Easier With These Top Gifts For The Chef

I got my love for cooking from my mother who made virtually everything from scratch. Although I am pretty darn busy, I try to do the same whenever I can. We have done a little baking so far and we will be doing more when my oldest daughter comes up next week. For Thanksgiving we made a pie and some cookies and I make some homemade soup. I can tell you you can make cooking easier with these top gifts for the chef from Architec. They absolutely made my day in the kitchen a lot more enjoyable with the products I received. Their items are sleek, modern, colorful and made to assist you in your foodie endeavors. From their Scoop Colandar to their Flex Cutting Board, Architec has some really cool kitchen tools!

I received the Holdbowl™ Mixing Bowl, which sells for $14.99 and can be purchased on their website, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and other fine stores.The bowl, which comes in red or white, has a very cool flexible handles which allows you to hold the bowl in three different ways for best comfort and dexterity. It made mixing our cookie ingredients so much easier than anything I have ever used. With the easy to ppur spout, you can our batters directly into your pan without making a big mess. I also received the Original Gripper™ Cutting Board, which can be purchased $19.99 and is available in 6 bright colors. I love this cutting board because when you are cutting, the board stays put, making cutting easier and safer. I hate to cut or chop, especially vegetables and the cutting board slides and you about cut your finger off. Not with this cutting board! It is also very easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher if you prefer. You can also find wet/dry funnels, tool and recipe rests, scrubbie sponges and more from Architec.

One USA reader will win a Holdbowl™ Mixing Bowl in their choice of color $14.99


  1. The Air Dry Wine Glass Drying Rack! Would also love many of their wonderful cutting boards, the Recipe Rock, Gripper Colander and Hot Grips!

  2. I think the Black Bamboo Cutting Board would be awesome! I love the colors especially the knifes.

  3. I like the Gripper™ Colander and the recipe holder. anything to do with the kitchen, I love it. thank you

  4. I like the FLEXPOTO7. It is a cutting board that turns into a scoop so you can easily transfer your chopped veggies. Love this product!

  5. I really like the Architec Gripper Barboard. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  6. I would like the smart scrubbies kitchen sponges. I always can use new things to do the dishes, it makes me feel better about not having a dish washer 🙂

  7. The mixing bowl – I actually need some of those. I like the cutting board too, but I do have at least one of those already.

  8. there are so many products that caught my eye there. The gripper cutting boards are amazing, but the black bamboo cutting board is beyond stunning…but as we have no dishwasher, I’m most intrigued by the smart scrubber sponges!

  9. I love the https:Gripper Barboard. I used a smooth one today and almost had an accident–dish almost slide right onto the floor. Pretty colors too.

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