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Top Gifts For People Who Travel

My family thinks it is hilarious that I have traveled more this year than I have in my whole life! Since I began working from home and writing, I have had the opportunity to travel for business. I must say, I love it! I love flying, staying at different hotels and treating myself to room service and exploring new cities. I know that will probably change one day, but for now, I am happy to travel as often as my boss wants or needs me to. My future son-in-law just started a new job and he now travels a ton with business. He went from traveling once in a blue moon to traveling every week. He mentioned he did not have nearly the items he needs for being gone so much, so I decided to get him something along those lines for Christmas. Here is a list of the top gifts for people like Mike:

Top Gifts For People Who Travel

  • Eco-Friendly Carry On Bag
  • Personalized Luggage Tags
  • Scratch Map
  • Leather Toiletry Bag
  • Travel Board Games (if you have ever had a layover or plane delay, you know why this is a must!)
  • Travel Alarm Clock

I decided to get Mike a travel alarm clock because he said he cannot find an app on his phone that will wake him up. He also hates the reminder call the hotel will give him as he has learned how to ignore that! I found a great item from Amplicom USA, a company well versed in products for those with hearing impairments. I chose the TCL 100™ Analog Alarm Clock with Wireless Vibrating Pad and Telephone Ring Signaler. I knew if the ringer would not wake Mike up, the vibrating pad would! This clock is perfect for traveling as well as for home use and it sells for $89.95.

There are so many great features to the T100, I honestly do not think I have one that stands out from the others. It has a very easy to read face which is illuminated, which I really like. You can adjust the colume up to 90, has 3 different alarm settings, including loud signal and vibration or both as well as 5 different alarm patterns. The vibrating pad has an easy to find and use on and off switch and the LED flashes nice and bright. You have a snooze button, and ajustable tone control and it uses batteries or can be plugged into the wall. I am hard to wake up as well and this is perfect for me as I have not slept through the alarm yet! You can find Amplicom USA corded and cordless phones, alarm clocks and answering machines. You can find a store near you who sells the Amplicom USA products through their store locator. Be sure to stay current with the latest from Amplicom USA and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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